For the longest time, American politics have been dominated by two prominent political parties-the republicans and the Democrats.

But in the political stream, there are other parties that have offering alternatives that offer a different brand, so to speak, of politics. These new political parties bring to the table a new and novel way of dealing with national issues or innovative solutions with regard to pressing national concerns. The Natural Law Party is one of the groups that want to do just that.The Natural Law Party,the country's fastest growing third party (Online, 2000), was founded in 1992 by quantum physicist Dr.

John Hagelin, seeks to ,as their website says, to “bring the light of science into politics” (Natural Law Party, 2008). As a scientist, Hagelin is convinced that the problems of society can be solved by advocating scientifically field-tested solutions to the problems of the country, but acknowledge that these solutions are either ignored or just not implemented by government due to special interest groups (Natural Law Party, 2008).In the field of health care, the party believes that America should focus on prevention rather than engaging in curative or management of sicknesses. The group is pushing for sickness prevention, simply by making people live healthier. Natural Law also is for changing the foreign policy of the United States form one directed toward providing military aid to one singling out how Americans can promote friendlier, more supportive aid with American knowledge.

Hence, they advocate the change of tact in U. S. foreign policy towards a responsive way to meet the global challenges taking place in the global stage. In advocating for voters to try third parties as a political choice, the group cite former United States Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, who believes that the absence of a third or minority voice in a democratic setting would be “would be a symptom of grave illness in our society. (Natural Law Party, 2008).

It is important to have an alternative choice in a setting, not to be just swayed by one preference. The Natural Law party seems to portray itself as a viable alternative to the current political set-up in the country today. it is hoped by them that the voters can take a second look at them for the coming political exercises, and not be stuck on one choice alone.