During the last 20 years more and more people decide to cut their daily menu any meat and animal products for many different reasons such as fear of food poisoning, diseases or etc. However, eating meat is part of the daily life of billions of people all over the world. Meat is a prehistoric, basic food full of proteins, iron, and amino-acids. People who eat meat live longer than vegetarians, but a meatless diet is healthier than a diet containing meat. To say truth, they are equally healthy.

Vegetarianism and meat eating are similar rather different, both of them get the same nutrients but from different foods, both concur in health, both are popular. They are different only in taste, foods, but similar in results and value. The first major similarity between vegetarianism and meat eating is their nutrients. Modern Vegetarian diet provides not enough nutrition as eating meat only. Meat is an easy and reliable source of protein as vegetarian way to get vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein is harder, although both get the similar value.

Research shows that vegetarians who eliminated meat from their diet are educated about alternative sources of protein while meat provides an easily, absorbed, concentrated source of protein, vegetarians replace them by other foods such as dairy products, eggs, grains, legumes, and various soy foods (Dunham et al. , 2006). One study found that meat is also the first source of vitamin B12 (iron) that vegetarians get from cereals, bread, and fruits. Calcium is taken from milk products, also vitamin D can be making by sunlight (Jabs et al. , 1998).

Overall both get the same necessary minerals but from different foods and sources. Another similarity is that they concur in health topic. Vegetarian and meat diet have the similar medical influence. One study shows that modern vegetarian diet can cut the risk of heart disease, because of the abundance of food and different kinds of minerals and proteins that make our body stronger as we eat meat, because meat has the unique amino-acids that are necessary for growth, tissue repair and cell divide, and are in lack in vegetarian diet (Sawicka et al. , 2012).

Thus, both protect from the cardiac trouble. Another study shows that they also cut risk of early death, due to a lot of organic foods that build the body, making it healthier. The Plant-based diet seems to have a protective effect as meat strengthens the human organism by its amino-acids and proteins. (Johnson & Avery, 2013). Generally, vegetarianism and meat eating are similar because they consist of many diets, which mean medical influence. They are similar in keeping our body healthy. The Final similarity between vegetarians and meat eaters is their popularity.

Both of them are popular in numerous ways. Stahler and Wasserman (2011) found that meat eaters have their culture in Texas that is unique by their old receipts and spicy cuisine. Their cuisine make meat dishes more nutrition and tasty. Vegetarians also have a culture in India that is rich in fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Both are popular in many organizations, vegetarianism is like a protest in Greenpeace, meat eating is popular in Rock and Metallica as a motto to be rough. Each country has their own cuisine and culture, each has vegetarian and meat receipts.

In overall vegetarianism and meat eating are popular between men and women, girls and boys. To wrap up, there are the main three similarities between vegetarianism and meat eating. Thus it comes down to similar medical diets, based on its popularity and different ways of getting the same minerals, proteins and etc. However, their popularity and diets are different in many countries but concur in one same topic, health. Generally it's a free, individual choice of any person, this decision to be vegetarian or eat meat has a same result, nutrition, and based on your feeling, possibilities, convenience, and lifestyle.