Reviews of the products offered are discussed along with an explanation of their various market niches specifically: medical, aerospace and defense. The company's finances are discussed on a personal level for the year 2013, as well as the market capitalization in comparison to their competitors of Hon. Ha Precision, Corning Inc. And Mediumistic Electric Corp..

Allied Motion Technology holds an $111 market capitalization as well as the reign amongst the competitors listed. Various charts and graphs dictate the following: trend analysis, common size analysis, current ratio, quick ratio and analysis Of capitalization.The following report shows a detailed examination of the company's statistical results through the FYI of 2008-2012. The project has been performed for the purpose of providing clients with long-term outlooks by determining the following information: Allied Motion Technologies, Inch's performance, productivity, liquidity and market capitalization At the conclusion of the report the following information was gathered. In studying the liquidity and cash of the company, the current ratio improved in 2009 but declined in 2010.Nonetheless, the significant increased monitored in 2011 provides proof that the company is able to stabilize itself as well as cover its short-term responsibilities.

Furthermore, the company's debt was educed during the FYI of 201 1-2012 at noted through the capitalization analysis, portraying the company as strategic and responsible company to invest in. As the company's debt was noted to have decreased, it was also noted that the gross profit margin improved even with the decline in 2009. Adjustments after sass's decline resulted in decreased operating costs and increased operating profits.Thus, the final analysis shows the improvement in the returns, rise in assets and favor within market conditions. 2. Problem Statement In this project, we analyzed the financial statements of Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.

To make recommendations to decision makers to determine the investment potential and lending risks of the company. Furthermore, we discovered and analyzed the company's positive and negative financial trends and concluded whether to invest or not to invest in this company based on a logical, proven and dependable analysis. 3.Company Overview Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

, MOT is one Of the foremost suppliers Of design, manufacture and selling motion control. Their market industry supplies goods to customers nationally and internationally with product anger including: aerospace and defense, commercial equipment, industrial tools, medical devices and equipment, medical mobility, pumps, semiconductor equipment and vehicles. Their aerospace and defense department meet the demands of the military as they are responsible for encoding devices and building special design motors and drives.Through their line of MAD brushes, brushes motors and brushes servomotors, Allied Motion Technologies services their commercial equipment niche.

The products just mentioned also take part in their industrial tools department in reduces such as hole punches, concrete vibrators, etc. Their two medical departments take lead in surgical handpicked motors as well as power chairs and scooters. The pump sector of Allied Motions Technology offers both small medical pumps and fuel pumps; medical pumps used for dialysis technology and fuel pumps for LEG-powered vehicle fleets.Semiconductor equipment is precise, modern, reliable and directly integrated through their servo motors, drives and encoders. The vehicle technology implemented through the company provides on and off-highway gears used for marine vehicles, GAPS aviation, etc.

Dating back to 1962, Allied Motion Technologies was formerly known as Hathaway Instruments, incorporated in Colorado. At that time their strength in manufacturing was power monitoring instrumentation yet added on motion control product as the years progressed.By 1982 the company was renamed as Hathaway Corporation until dividing the company in 2002. At that time Hatchways maintained its other manufacturing sectors while the newly named Allied Motion Technologies solely directed the motion control industry. As the company progressed in the technological industry of reduction and manufacture it acquired other companies that grew its market power. These years of acquisition expanded from 2002-2010.

The companies it attained are as follows: Computer Optical Products, Emoted Corporation, Stature Electric, Precision Motor Technology B.V. , Agile Systems of Waterloo and Strongest Element. Financially, Allied Motion Technology achieved an adjusted net Income during its third quarterly report of 201 3 of $1 Meanwhile, for the complete nine months the adjusted net income was $3,61 1,000.

As of September 30th, the following financial summary, noted in thousands, was released for the many: revenue, total assets, and cash and cash equivalents. Revenue was noted at $24,876, total assets were noted at $66,991 , and cash and cash equivalents were noted at $11 ,654.