Employment SkillsIntroductionIn my essay I will talk about the skills required to get a goodjob nowadays. There will be three main points I will be discussingsuch as academic, personal management, and teamwork skills. Iwill give you examples of these skills, and reasons why this skill isimportant for you to get a job.

Academic SkillsAcademic skills are probably the most important skill youwill need to get a job. It is one of the or the first thing an employerlooks for in an employee. They are skills which give you the basicfoundation to acquire, hold on to, and advance in a job, and toachieve the best results. Academic skills can be further divided into threesub-groups; communication, thinking, and learning skills. Communicate.

Communication skills require you to understand andspeak the languages in which business is conducted. You must be a goodlistener, and be able to understand things easily. One of the most importantcommunicating skills would be reading, you should be able to comprehendand use written materials including things such as graphs, charts, anddisplays. One of the newest things we can add to communicating skillswould be the Internet, since it is so widely used all around the world - youshould have a good understanding of what it is and how to use it. Think. Thinking critically and acting logically to evaluate situationswill get you far in your job.

Thinking skills consists of things such as solvingmathematical problems, using new technology, instruments, tools, andinformation systems effectively. Some examples of these would betechnology, physical science, the arts, skilled trades, social science, and muchmore. Learn. Learning is very important for any job.

For example, if yourcompany, gets some new software, you must be able to learn how to use it,quickly and effectively after a few tutorials. You must continue doing this forthe rest of your career. It is one thing that will always be useful in anysituation, not just jobs. Personal Management Skills Personal management skills is the combination of attitudes, skills, andbehaviors required to get, keep, and progress on a job and to achieve thebest results. Personal management skills can be further divided into threesub-groups just as academic skills, which are positive attitudes andbehaviors, responsibility, and adaptability.

Positive Attitudes And Behaviors. This is also very important to keepa job. You must have good self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Youmust be honest, have integrity, and personal ethnics.

You must show youremployer you are happy at what you are doing and have positive attitudestoward learning, growth, and personal health. Show energy, and persistenceto get the job done, these can help you to get promoted or a raise. Responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to set goals and prioritiesin work an personal life. It is the ability to plan an manage time, money, andother resources to achieve goals, and accountability for actions taken. Adaptability.

Have a positive attitude toward changes in your job. Recognition of an respect for people's diversity and individual differences. Creativity is also important. You must have the ability to identify and suggestnew ideas to get the job done. Teamwork SkillsTeamwork skills are those skills needed to work with others co-operatively on a job and to achieve the best results. You should show youremployer you able to work with others, understand and contribute to theorganization's goals.

Involve yourself in the group, make good decisionswith others and support the outcomes. Don't be narrow minded, listen towhat others have to say and give your thoughts towards their comments. Be aleader not a loner in the group. ConclusionIn conclusion I would like to say that all these skills I have discussedare critical to get, keep, and progress in a job and to achieve the best resultspossible for you. Of these skills though academic skills would be the mostimportant skills you will learn, I think.

So if you keep at these skills you willbe happy with what you are doing unlike a lot of people who are forced toget jobs that they do not like.