The Virginia State in the United States has set laws and regulations of managing all the labor rights of all individuals.

The state is a free employment zone where people employ and sack at their own will. An employer in this state has the right to terminate the contract or employment of their employee at their will. This may be based on a certain reason or no reason at all. Employees have no right to seek legal redress or reinstatement.

The law, however, provides for the protection principle, where the employee is protected against any form of work place harassment or discrimination (Policy 2.30). The discrimination, therein, mentioned ranges from sexual, gender, race, age or even state of the body or the mind. Managers and supervisors are trained and educated on situations and terms that may be termed as abusive and exploitive to the employees. This is undertaken by different firms and organizations as part of the Human Resource management approach. (2.

2-1201(13) Code of Virginia) The law provides for the opportunity for employees to lounge complaints incase or in instances they feel that their rights have been abused. The law further protects the employees against facing sacking or any other disciplinary action for reporting abusive and exploitive instances and cases in their place of work. Training of personnel in an organization based in Virginia is necessary. The staff members of the organizations are trained on the labor laws of the specific state.

The laws governing and controlling the harassment of employees by managers and supervisors are vital in the HRM department (Storey, 2008). The necessity to have a professional approach is obligatory to avert the consequences that occur within the organization in case of failure in any of the department or employees. The HRM department is well proximate for legal battles embedding the staff and any abusive supervisor within the organization in Virginia. The possible outcome of such occurrences in Virginia is the instance, where the whole organization is held responsible of the crimes committed. The harassment may be committed intentionally or unknowingly. The Virginia State Labor Laws are at times confusing and to some extent not understood by the law.

They need to make these laws clear and open calls for professional training of supervisors and managers on the controversial areas (Bogardus, 2004). This will help the firm escape pitfalls and heavy fines within the areas of the jurisdiction concerned with labor factor. The training will help keep the senior staff prone to the pitfalls updated on the issues of the law and instances that may be claimed to be undignified. Training offered will help supervisors understand the level of liability to the firm and individual staff members. It also helps the firm and its employees develop a frame work to manage and control such instances within a legal framework.

Training should be offered to staff members in all departments touching on the staff and situations, where possible harassment issues may arise.