Once again, due to 91 1, the Empire State Bulldog Is the tallest building In the world but do you all know about the structure of the Empire State Building. Today, I'm here to Inform you all about the structure and design of the Empire State Building including the Architecture, lights, observation. Define the ESP. A. Tallest building used for commercial and office space 102 floors (443 meters) * 85 floors - commercial and office space 16 floors- represent the art deco tower which can be captured while observing on 22nd B.

Midtown Manhattan 1 . 350 5th eave, New York. NY, 10118 (own zip code) C. Construction began March 1930 and opened May 1, 1931.

1. 1 year days By Shrive- Lamb and Harmon Associates, An era when American cycles such as Chicago and NY competed to have the highest skyscrapers Architecture A. Exterior 1. Indian limestone panels, steel, and bricks B. Interior 1 .

6,500 windows, 100 bathrooms, and 73 elevators * Takes 1 minute to get to the 80th floor. . Weighs approximately 370,000 short tons Lights A.In 1964, floodlights were added to illuminate the top of the building at night, In colors chosen to match seasonal events, holidays, and other special events.

1. Independence days- JULY 4TH- Red, white and blue. Honor of MOL All Star game at Cit field-JULY 12- Blue, blue and orange JULY 13-31- White, white, white Christmas- DECK, 21-27- Red, green, green Observation deck A. 86th floor Observation deck 1. 1,050 feet 2. Glass-enclosed area which he heated in winter and cooled in summer ordered binoculars 4.

Souvenir counter located here also 5. Handicap accessible 6. More popular B. 22nd floor Observation deck 1 . Glass enclosed viewing room 3. High 3.

Highest point of the building C. Observation information 1. Open daily -365 days a year 2. There a admission cost- less than $50 3. Security check 4. More info- sevens.

Com Conclusion A. Empire State building is the tallest building in the world and a symbol of NYC.