Why big tobacco companies are betting on e-cigarettes Background Cigarette companies have recently Introduced a new product often referred to as "electronic cigarettes. " Though in its early stages and only claiming a small percent of the market In comparison to combustible cigarettes, this new product has certainly caught the attention of the market "overnight. " So what Is It about these new cigarettes that have caused them to become so popular? Electronic cigarettes are very similar to personal vaporizes.

Though they do not contain tobacco, they do contain the nicotine found in tobacco plants. When inhaled, a heating element atomizes a liquid solution causing an aerosol "vapor" to be emitted from the end resembling smoke. Thicker smoke emitting versions have become more popular, as it seems that feature is the most attractive and appealing feature of the e-CGI. Problem Statement This new controversial product falls between our social morals, and our nations devotion to capitalism. For years the united States has put forth an anti-smoking aiming with efforts to De-normalize the use of cigarettes In public spaces.By reviving cigarettes and putting them fresh Into our minds through television and radio ads we risk the gain of popularity of smoking In our culture once again.

Alternative Solution With a "healthier" alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the public is left with a decision to support the new e-gigs in order to eliminate combustible cigarettes altogether. By choosing to do so we are also deciding to deal with the consequences of "normalizing" smoking once again. Introducing and supporting the use of electronic cigarettes in the US may have several consequences that may seem transparent to the public at first.Reynolds American is the second largest tobacco company In the US and a recent merger Larboard, owner of Blur e-cigarettes.

This has raised a lot of suspicion, as we all know cigarette companies first concern Is profits, and not the publics well being. The first question must ask Is whom are e-cigarettes targeting? With the number of smokers In the US shrinking everyday, e-CGI companies deed to find a market where they can grow. By promoting the switch and/or introducing the new form of smoking, tobacco companies are putting cigarettes back on the map.One pertaining issue is the targeting of adolescence and influence on minors. In order promote e-gigs as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, while discouraging the use to minors, regulating exposure to e-cigarettes is crucial.

With e- gigs still approved for television and radio ads, it is highly likely that more minors will become "marketed" towards and affected subliminally. Products such as Blur e-gigs would concentrate on print advertising on billboards and magazines to get the attention of their products.This would successfully eliminate any accusations of targeting adolescent Individuals. Another public Issue that has surfaced with electronic cigarettes Is the lack of research providing evidence of e-clogs health benefits and concerns. Unlike Initial studies, recent studies have shown that Like traditional cigarettes, e-gigs have an addictive quality to them, in where consumers discontinue using them.

Though smoke is more harmful than vapor, health studies till show vapor negatively affects the heart and arteries.The question of how much nicotine a person consumes with an e-CGI, versus a pack of cigarettes also arises. Are the health hazards actually increasing when you have a product full of a higher concentration of nicotine, where the consumer has to pay more attention to the moderation of what they are smoking? While cigarettes are easier to keep track of how much you are smoking, electronic cigarettes are much more deceiving. If the FDA regulates and eliminates the promotion of e-cigarettes as an alternative to rotational cigarettes, we would see consequences as well.The lack of e-CGI promotion would leave traditional smokers with less incentive of quitting and a higher likelihood of spreading second hand smoke through combustible cigarettes throughout their lifetime.

Though electronic cigarettes are in some opinions no healthier than combustible ones, they are a more attractive form of inhaling tobacco to most. Due to the scented aerosol, and lack of secondhand smoke, it is even acceptable to smoke inside most facilities, a convenience traditional cigarette smokers do not have. RecommendationOne option is to encourage brands that's target message is to genuinely get consumers hooked off of the nicotine used in tobacco products, while providing the convenience of versatile smoking in public settings. Because you can control the quantity and quality of the e-liquid in your e-cigarette, it is possible to wean yourself off nicotine using alternatives such as menthol, grain alcohol, and captains, while still experiencing the satisfaction of smoking. By allowing, yet limiting the sale of electronic cigarettes, the campaign to quite smoking can use e-gigs to discourage the diction to tobacco products, not promote it.By selling "quit packs," it can become customary to switch to e-gigs as a healthier alternative where options limit the quantity of nicotine intake.

The volume of nicotine in e-gigs today compared to a traditional cigarette is unethical in my opinion, making the e-gigs easier to abuse for ones own pleasure. By making e-gigs healthy for those trying to quit, they are less likely to appeal to minors, and better benefit our societies health as a whole. By comparing them to nicotine gum, and nicotine patches, we are changing the view on electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking.Tracking Metrics Intermediate metrics would consist of tracking analytical data to determine what potteries of e-liquids are being sold. By determining that the sale of low-nicotine e- liquids surpasses the sale of high-nicotine e-liquids, we encourage the distancing of nicotine use. Conclusive metrics would include the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes containing no nicotine, and the elimination of traditional cigarettes.

What I learned America is the land of the free.Though I grew up influenced by utilitarian views, it is important to remember how prideful Americans are of our nation, and our overwhelming expectation of our right to be free. As most American's agree, we do not like being told what to do. So I think it is important that we never ban smoking, as toxic as it is to our bodies and to each other, as it would go against the very principles that built our country. As free as we are to destroy our bodies, allowing tobacco companies to spread new mainstream ideas of ways to abuse them may not be the best for the well being of our communities and ourselves.So while it be important to unacceptable to deny education on the subject of how all tobacco products can shorten your life while using them.