Three Debatable Issues On November 6, 2012 American’s will have the opportunity to decide on the next President, current President, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. There are three major issues being debated during the 2012 election, which are same sex marriage, abortion and healthcare. Each candidate has an opposite stance on each issue being discussed. One of the hot button issues is same sex marriage. In 1996, Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act, which outlaws same sex marriage, and union between two men or two women.

Currently ten states allow same sex marriage; five states recognize civil union and six have domestic partnerships. The election of 2012 will allow voters in eighteen states to decide on weather to add or ban same sex marriage. Obama is supportive on same sex marriage. Internally he struggles due to his Christian and social beliefs, however he publicly announced his endorsement on May 9, 2012. Obama, as our current President, doesn’t support the Defense of Marriage Act. He has directed his administration to stop defending the act in Courts. Romney is against same sex marriage.

He believes marriage is between and woman and a man, going back 3000 years ago. He feels same sex marriage would destroy America and it’s youth. He is very supportive of Jones2 the Federal Marriage Amendment, which prohibits same sex marriage. Another major deciding issue is Abortion. Abortion is the purging of an unborn fetus, by choice or accident, in a woman’s womb. Abortion is a very highly debated as it touches on one’s right to live and one’s right to decide. In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled a woman has the right to abort her pregnancy.

Romney is Pro-life, which rejects the idea of abortions based on religious, moral and ethnic grounds. He supports the rights of the unborn child. He previously supported a woman’s right to decide, however now is against abortions unless rap, incest or to save a mother’s life is involved. Obama is Pro-Choice, which takes away the governments involvement or influence and allows the mother to make the choice. He believes the government should not intrude on private family matter. The choice is given to mother to make this decision. Lastly, an issue that affects all Americans is taxes.

Taxes are predetermined of money that each person has to pay on revenue-generated money. Romney supports a budget that will cut taxes for the middle class, people earing less than 200,000 a year, and individuals aged sixty five or older. He also proposes that he will remove taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains, which will in turn results in more money for the middle class. He will also remove the death tax, in which he states makes no sense a all. Current President Obama wants to work to make the tax fairer to the middle class and eliminate loopholes for the wealthy class.

He is in favor of progressive tax system, which simplifies the tax code. This will allow for a more equal tax rate as currently people who make less money Jones3 could end up paying more in taxes than a wealthier person or family. Whether you agree or disagree with the issues stated previously, same sex marriage, abortion or taxes; we all have a choice to make. Each candidate has strong opposing views against each other. These topics can become a deal breaker for how our American people vote.