Education Of Sex In Schools Education of Sex in Schools Sex is something that almost everyone will experience before they die.

It is a subject that has been debated about for years. From the debate over birth control to the outbreak of aids. With all this history behind us, sex is becoming even more of an issue. With the new outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that sexually active persons are becoming younger, sex has now become a daily topic.

Sex scandals in the media and talk such as "who slept with who at last night's keg party" are making these daily conversations apparent in high schools, middle schools, and in a lot of cases grade schools. As the saying goes "monkey see monkey do" one can only assume that this concept will pertain to these easily influenced children. That is why it is imperative that another side of this issue is presented on a regular basis, a side that demonstrates safe sex as well as no sex. Sex is a basic instinct in all-living beings; sex education in Georgia public schools should encourage abstinence because it is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and disease, but not dismiss protective measures for those who become sexually active, because no matter much you emphasize abstinence, there will always be those who choose to participate in sexual activity.

Sex is a basic instinct in all-living beings.Men and women were intended to fall in love and he gave us all a sex drive so that we could become one with that person. Whether people choose to be sexually active or remain abstinent, there is always a desire for sex in most males and females. In our culture, young people's natural sexual instincts are stimulated by exposure to sexual messages.

Because so many young people in our society are exposed things that portray "sex appeal" their natural curiosities are brought out, they are exposed to sexual stimuli early and often. The media has a huge influence in stimulating the drive for sex in people. Many ads use sex to appeal to the public.For example, Calvin Klein uses beautiful men and women, usually dressed provocatively, portraying them in a seductive way to sell fragrances and clothing items. These ads are successful because a huge majority of the people who see these ads want to be seen as sexually desirable and attractive to the opposite sex, they are responding to a natural feeling.

There are also many commercials for things such as beauty products that make the models look sexy and beautiful, this appeals to young ladies wanting to be like those models and getting the attention that the models get. By buying the product they feel that they can become "sexy" also. Music videos are also very explicit in the way they elude to sexual activity. This not only brings out natural curiosities in young viewers but also portrays sex as something casually enjoyable ignoring the consequences therein.

Although the media portrays sex as something that is cool and fun and something that can be taken lightly, sex does have some real consequences which are nether cool nor fun as well as something that can make lasting scars on a person's life. The consequences that can happen when one becomes sexually active can be both emotional as well as physical. On the emotional side of becoming sexually active, often times young people are not ready for the stress that goes along with becoming emotionally attached to their partner. Not many would argue against the feeling that when you have sex with someone you give them a piece of your "heart", you become one with that person and in turn, often times become attached to them. Some emotional effects of being sexually active can be life changing.

One thing we deal with in our society today is a large amount of teen pregnancies. When a young woman becomes pregnant, it puts a huge amount of stress on her. She is faced with many decisions such as abortion, adoption, or making enough money to raise the baby herself. This baby will change her life, furthermore many young women's bodies are not ready to take on the physical stress of child birth. The physical consequences that could come about with sex are numerous. There are many Sexually Transmitted Diseases that one can get when they are sexually promiscuous.

Statistics show that "one in every four Americans will be infected with an sexually transmitted disease in their lifetime" (Bonavogilia 1). The most severe sexually transmitted disease people can get is the HIV virus, this is a tragic epidemic that gives the patient excruciating pain and eventually can take their life. Given that sex can be dangerous particularly to emotionally and physically immature teens, abstinence would seem to be the best way for teens to avoid these negative consequences. Abstinence based education is a way to inform and encourage students that there is a way they can be positive they will not have to suffer the consequences of sexual activity that is so prevalent today. Studies have shown that other forms of sexual education are not as successful in preventing things like teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Hani Khouzam, who wrote a commentary on the public health strategies proposed by former surgeon general of the United States, made the statement that "the National Research Council review of pregnancy prevention programs found that although classroom-based sex education may influence attitudes, there was only limited evidence that it influenced behavior.

School-based sex education programs include "value-free" courses teaching students the basic physical nature of sex. These "value-free courses, however, have failed to prevent unplanned pregnancies." (Khouzam 709) Students should be taught that it is not only acceptable to say no to sex, but that it would be a very positive decision for them to make, and the best way to prevent pregnancy as well as harmful diseases that can do much damage to their bodies. Abstinence is a choice that would save many young people from much distress, it should furthermore be encouraged by Georgia public schools so that they know that it is a choice that might be hard but can benefit them greatly. Georgia public schools should encourage abstinence because it is a way that society can be sure to diminish the amount of sexually transmitted diseases as well as teen pregnancy.

In our society today many young people are choosing to be sexually active.Because of this, the risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease in teens are high. Statistics show that "each year 15.3 million new STD cases are diagnosed. Two thirds of those who contract an STD are under the age of 25. At least three million are between ages 15 and 19" ( Bonavoglia 55).

It is saddening to think about how these young people who have their whole lives ahead of them being infected with a disease.Teens need to be taught that they can have more for their future and a way they can assure that is but remaining abstinent. Education is the first step in a teenager's life to enable them and encourage them to make the right decisions regarding sexual activity. In the adolescent's reports of reproductive health education there was a study done to prove that abstinence based sexual education has helped the young people in our society.

The authors studied reproductive health education that encouraged abstinence as well as promoted safe sex. They found that " school based instruction is a primary mode of reproductive health education: It can reduce sexual risk behaviors by delaying age at first intercourse, reducing levels of sexual activity and increasing contraceptive or condom use"(Lindberg, Ku, Sonenstein 1) In these studies it has been proven that abstinence based education makes a difference in the lives of young people and reduces the risk of them having to go through the harmful effects that can occur when they became sexually active. Shouldn't we therefore want our Georgia public schools also strive to make an impact on their student's lives by educating them and encouraging them to make good decisions? It is not only good for our Georgia public schools to encourage abstinence and teach students about safe sex but furthermore, it is their responsibility to protect the youth of our society today.It can not be assumed that a young person is going to learn about sex from his parents or friends because quite often the parents don't talk to their children about sex and other peers can't give adequate information about the topic. Young people learn most of the things in their life from the education they get from school, this is why it is the responsibility of Georgia public schools to protect and educate children about sexual matters also.

Children that are entering into the world of exploring their sexuality need to know the effects that sex can have on their lives and the cautions that they should take to protect themselves. The number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases today are overwhelming, in order for this to be prevented someone has to take the responsibility to teach our youth how to protect themselves. According to the article making love in the dark "an estimated four out of five heterosexual women don't even use condoms every time they have intercourse.This compromises women's health enormously ( Bonavoglia 58) There is no reason that a young person's health should be compromised because the lack of education on how to protect themselves. It should be the responsibility of our schools to protect them from these dangers because it is imperative that they are aware and make the right decisions. Because sex is so prevalent in our society today, the issue must be addressed instead of merely ignored.

Children approaching adulthood and reaching the age were they must make decisions about their sexuality need to be aware of the repercussions that might go along with the decisions they choose. Georgia public schools should strongly consider teaching a program to their students that encourages them to remain abstinent but also teaches them about ways they can protect themselves if they choose to become sexually active. Education.