The idea of "getting rich quick" do to the global economy is very common these days.

It is easy to see throughout the articles that many people have built multi-million dollar fortunes because of technology and global based business. It seems that ordinary people who had a vision of a global economy tailored their ideas to fit this new way of life. As a result, they became in demand in all aspects of business.To begin with, in Jim Kerstetters article in Business Week, "How Ariba got Airborne" demonstrates how the global economy works. Keith Krach, a former auto executive who developed an internet startup Ariba Inc, found himself pretty successful with his business. However, he began to look to other companies for additional technology.

As a result he purchased TradeDynamics, Inc a company that would give his own company the ability to offer trading on line. With the resources he found in another company Krach had created a superpower of e-business in one day. This is a perfect example of how a relatively small company could be connected with other companies all around the world. Technology has given business the ability to reach the entire world without the expense of travel.
Another good example can be found in Schlenders article "Computings Next Superpower". In this article Cisco systems is featured as one of the most successful e-business ventures.

However, it would be impossible for Cisco to be successful solely by itself. It is a networking company that links up with e-business giants, Intel and Microsoft to help make the internet more accessible to millions of businesses around the world. The ability of Ciscos creators to work closely with Microsoft and Intel while still keeping costs down is directly related to the Ciscos success.
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