the early beginnings of science goes all the way back to Fibonacci. Fibonacci was a great mathematician.

He was one of the first mathematicians known to the american history. However Fibonacci was from a foreign country. There are rumors that speak of his sexuality, some say he was a gay mathematician who was devoted to his math skills to encourage his followers that no matter what your sexuality you can succeed. Fibonacci was a success, i think he would be very proud of the future we call our present-day. Gays have gotten independence, and lesbians have gotten free of discrimination.

Discrimination is like a plague in our society today. People cannot live without using it to hurt other people. Albert Einstein is probably the most popular man to science in our modern age. He converted E=mc2. Besides his intelligence in the math field he was kind of stupid in society. He could not know whether to bring an umbrella in to the rain or not.

One day he painted his house the color of his jeans because he could not tell the texture of his jeans. The most popular theory on science is that everything is based on math and numbers. This is one reason why we can make structures on the computer resemble real life. Modern believers believed that Fibonacci was a pimp in his day. They believed he pimped on guys and had his own exotic gay club.The alphabet was converted by science.

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