As kiss are identified communication skills are a necessity for the candidate in figuring ways that reduce these risks and in solving problems associated with them. Managing key performance indicators are also the candidate's responsibility and being able to support any logistic changes or Improvements are essential as well. In the following paper Team B will Identify recruitment and selection methods consistent with Google's methods and operation. The team develops a concept map of the possible criteria used in deciding the requirements of the Job description as it pertains to the needs of the business.

Finally the team will analyze the rationale for the decisions in the methods of recruitment and selection methods of Google. Recruitment and Selection Method Google employees face many dally challenges and In knowing exactly what type of person would be a good fit for the position Google chooses a series of recruitment and selection methods for Job placement. Google selects several Interviewers from different groups in the interviewing process of a possible new candidate. The interviewers know what the candidate needs in becoming successful with the company and will apply interview questions based on these needs.

The recruitment method begins when a possible candidate speaks with a recruiter from Google which is then followed by a phone Interview with a Google representative. If the representative feels the candidate Is a possible fit for the organization an onsite office interview will be held. The method by which Google conducts the interview is based on a panel of Google employees. During this interview Google is seeking to find four factors in a candidate. These factors include; leadership, role-related knowledge, how one thinks, and what makes the candidate who he or she is or his or herGlossiness.

After the interview process with approximately 4-5 interviewers is complete, an Independent committee reviews the evaluations ensuring fairness In the hilling process. The method and selection process Is efficient and Google spends little time in this process. The advantage to this method is that it saves time. Panel interviews require less time and are cost effective as it involves one interview with several key decision makers verses several interviews with individual decision makers.Google believes that if you hire great people and involve them intensively in he hiring process, you'll get more great people. Over the past couple of years; Google Map The concept mapping of a Job description stems from an organizational systems view of the processes and concepts needed in meeting the requirements of a qualified candidate in fulfilling a potential position.

Concept maps are a way in which organizations develop logical thinking skills in connecting the Job description to the needs of the business.The purpose for creating a concept map concerning employment or Job placement is in understanding what is needed in maintaining or dieting objectives, the relationships of these concepts between Job functions and job placement, and the shared vision from both the team and organizational structure. As with Google and the Job listing of a Global Logistics manager the concept map includes acknowledging the needs of the business from this position and the demands that will be placed on the individual in meeting the needs.An example of a possible beginning would be as such: LOGISTICS MANAGER Ensures the global delivery and life cycle management of network equipment Problem solving of key logistics processes Knowledge of supply chain principles Procures and manages the resources of computing infrastructures The process continues exploring and developing the needs when steps or concepts continue being elaborated on. In this case an example would be expanding the concept of knowledge as it pertains to supply chain principles.

The rationale behind the recruitment method that Team B chose was one that would tie closely in with the culture of the company. Google's recruitment method coincides with an atmosphere of a team. In selecting a candidate one may have a lot of individual effort, but if he or she cannot work within a team then he or she may not et the organizational culture. This is not to say that the individual cannot have leadership skills because this is a quality that is valued by the recruitment method of Google.The company also looks beyond demographics and builds teams of diversity in hiring from all over the world. Google is a part of a globalizes society and the selection and recruiting methods indicate the need to recruit from all over the world.

The recruitment methods Team B chooses from Google's example also looks at the skills of the individual. Skills and the qualifications are very important because any many must have both skilled and qualified people that can perform the expectations of the company.The potential employee of Google must also poses problem solving skills that are not taught in the classroom. This will involve being able to adapt to the situation and be able to contribute to the task at hand even though it may seem ambiguous at the time.

These problem solving skills in conjunction with collaboration, willingness to be a part of a team, and the ability to take on leadership roles were all important and positive aspects in the recruitment and selection methods of Google.Conclusion Two over-arching themes permeate the recruitment methods of Google in finding the best candidate as the Global Logistics Manager; team and skills. The concept of team is prevalent from the initiation of the recruiting process to the final group interview. Teams are established with perspectives across the company's lines to establish a clear and concise analysis of the skills and qualifications of the Global Logistics Manager candidates.

A thorough evaluation of the work skills and communication of the potential employees ensures a proper fit for the position and for the company objectives.The development of a concept map cements the need for potential employees as related to the positions, matches the candidate's skills and experience with the position, and develops the individual position to fit the corporate structure to meet the company goals and initiatives. The concept map illustrates what the company needs and the expectations that will be placed on the individual who fills the position. As the position develops, the concept map also develops and becomes more specific in its focus on development and company advancement.Individuals re recruited and worked through the interview process because of a careful assessment of their skills and capability to work in a team environment. The concept map defines the expectations before the creation of the position, establishes the structure of the position in order to begin the selection process, assists in the recruiting the most qualified team member, and ensuring that the company had developed a position that will meet the growth potential for the employee as well as the maintenance of company goals and objectives.

The ultimate goal of the Global