1. Introduction1.1 Nature of concern1.2 Scale1.

3 Scope2. E-business Model3. Digital house4. Skills5. Website design6. Selling6.

1 Market research6.2 Promoting the concern6.3 Payment system7. Security and Trust8.

Legal issue9. Architecture and Technology10. Decision11. MentionTable OF FIGURE CONTENTBusiness Model of “Thai herbal”Top 10 of the market research sector 2006Top 10 of Viruss and their % of infection


E-business has become an of import tool in the concern universe today.

There is a batch of disputing in each concern, so e-magazine is another manner for new proprietor to fix their concern. “The Internet has been a beginning of amusement, information, and communicating since the Web became available to the American populace in 1994. However, in 2006 we are get downing to mensurate existent growing and detect new waies for the Internet as a comprehensive tool that Americans are utilizing to touch the world.” (, November 29th, 2006 ) “The Internet is intended to be a market place where we can happen things that add value to our lives.

If your local community finds value in your service or merchandise, so the remainder of the universe should besides. And even if your merchandise or service can non be made available to the remainder of the universe, which is difficult to believe, the Internet could be used merely to do your merchandise more attractive to your local community.” ( Dirk Wessel ) `` We need a new apprehension on concern moralss and administration, with more compassion and less noncritical religion in the “magic” of markets. `` ( Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon UN General Assembly, 23 September 2008 ) from the articles, we merely non merely understand about the concern flow in the universe broad market but we besides needs to utilize the progress engineering to better the concern flow, growing of concern and advance your concern to the cyber market.For successes in cyber concern of “Thai herbal” we need to fix the followers of e-magazine solution.

There are be aftering and cognizing in concern construction. We hope that this work can supply for new business’s proprietors to fix their ain concern and acquiring at least some of our thoughts.

Nature of concern

“Thai herbal” is an thought that collected a batch of information about herbs in Thailand and represents this information in signifier of on-line magazine called E-magazine. E-magazine can pass on information to many degree of audients in the universe. So, this is the best manner to advance Thai herbs to be popular in many states. Thai herb tea is a new concern that could do more incomes to this concern particularly herbs has many net incomes for user such as herbs could be used in cookery, used in medical specialty or even in watering place they besides used herbs while rub downing.

Scale of concern

“Thai herbal” are focused on Thai audiences and particularly on international audiences. To present Thai herbs to be popular in international audience, we needs to show on the cyberspace and made the on-line market that called E-market. This manner can take Thai herbs to be popular because in Thai civilization we put tonss of herb in Thai nutrient that make it more delightful. Besides Thai herbs can utilize in speculation for some patients and usage in massage & A ; Spa that can do client loosen uping while the processed.

Scope of concern

Many states around has their ain herbs but that non the same types. So we has concerned that if we could shared our cognition about Thai herb tea to other state, it would be a great things to stand for Thai herbs in the signifier of international merchandise.

The mark groups of our e-magazine are people who can understand an English linguistic communication and interested in herbs. From that point, our E-magazine has written information in English linguistic communication and in the hereafter it would be in other linguistic communication. Age of our audients should be in 20-70 old ages old because there is a group that has power to use for the merchandise and have their ain judgements.

E-business Model

E-business Model is tools that the new business’s proprietor uses for analysis the possibility in their concern. There are many types of concern theoretical account that popularity in the concern universe.

E-business theoretical account can assist developer to though that should they making the concern or non. The most celebrated and easy manner to analyst some concern is S.W.O.T. theoretical account.

It can sort the information into four parts that are Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of your concern. It’s traveling to assist your concern to be celebrated and successful.We has choose S.W.O.

T. modal to analysis the possible ways that could be go oning for “Thai herbals” concern.

  • Low monetary value
  • Famous in Massage & A ; Spa concern
  • OTOP merchandise
  • Natural merchandise
  • High challenging
  • Produce from little & A ; medium company
  • Has less trust in universe market
  • Merchandise has depended on each season
  • Government support
  • Peoples care about their wellness
  • Support to alternative medical specialty
  • Worldwide market
  • New rivals
  • Quality of merchandise
  • Misdemeanor of right of first publication
  • Delivered direction


  • Low monetary value: because of the herbs could be found in every parts of Thailand. So, the monetary value of natural stuffs will more stingily than other state.
  • Famous in Massage & A ; Spa concern: from the cheaply monetary value of the natural stuff, many has choose to utilize the herbs in the therapy procedure.

    That will be back up the Thai herbs to be an of import stuff in the Spa concern.

  • OTOP merchandise: in a few old ages ago, Thailand has provided a just name OTOP for warrant the quality of the local merchandise from every parts of Thailand and that can vouch Thai herbs has a high quality of merchandise.
  • Natural merchandise: herbs are come from many type of workss in Thailand and many people are needs something that made from nature. That would be good for herbs concern.


  • High challenging: we are non the first 1 in this concern. So, there has a batch of rival in the market.

  • Produce from little & A ; average company: the natural stuff are from the local of Thailand. So, there is has adequate stuff for the large mill.
  • Has less trust in universe market: because has less people to cognize the benefits of the herbs.
  • Merchandise has depended on each season: in Thailand has different season that will hold effectual to the natural merchandise.


  • Government support: in late, Thai authorities has trade the merchandise with many states such as China that could be the door to broad market.

  • Peoples care about their wellness: many people has beware about virus H1N1 but some of Thai herbs can be kill the virus. So, this is the good chance for Thai herbs concern.
  • Support to alternate medical specialty: we can processed the herbs to be an alternate medical specialty for people who care their wellness.
  • Worldwide market: because of supports from authorities to merchandise with many states that will do our market more wider.


  • New rivals: H1N1 is now a hot subject in our universe. So, the intelligence about herbs can be kill virus will do new rival for your concern.

  • Quality of merchandise: if you has a tonss of rival that mean your quality of merchandise must be higher than them.
  • Misdemeanor of right of first publication: misdemeanor merchandise has become an bad things for the new concern because of cheaper cost.
  • Bad direction: incorrect direction could do you failure in the concern.

Business Area

Digital house

Nowadays, our engineering has been improved. So, if we don’t bettering or having a new engineering to assist in our concern, it would be unsuccessful in our concern. Digital engineering is an easy manner to advance or supply information for your concern in signifier of cyberspace, digital image, advertised your concern on web browser and etc.

But it has different net incomes in each of them. So, we have to understand 3 major systems in the digital house which are Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) , Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) and Knowledge Management System ( KMS ) because those systems can depict about how the concern should traveling on such as schemes, possible use and the issues involved in our concern.Customer Relationship Management is a tool in signifier of package that in each company from the biggest concern until smallest concern usage for forming the contacts with their clients. This tool has focus on how to covering with the client by developing employee to be policy while treating, concentrate on information direction system and besides client service.

Customer Relationship Management is chief point that describe to market of each concern. The advantages of this tool are good in customers’ information direction, a good in relationship with company and client of that concern and can better merchandise offering from client. This is one of the ways to be successful in modern concern that needs to be celebrated in world-wide market.Supply concatenation direction is how to be after and managed the merchandise activities from the natural stuffs to concluding phase of the merchandise that are delivered to client. This tool could assist you salvaging your cost of the warehouse and salvage clip for construct the merchandise. Because while we understand what the client wanted for our merchandise and when they need you to present merchandise, it would be easy to acquire a trust from client and being good known in the market of that concern.

That are the grounds why do we hold to be after, managing and understand what should traveling on with the concern flow. Supply concatenation direction is another tool for support your concern from the beginning point to the highest point in traditional concern.Knowledge Management System is refer to how to pull off your cognition in organisation of back uping creative activity, gaining control, storage and air your information of your concern. This tool can better employees’ accomplishments while working and better merchandise quality. Because when the employee has high public presentation in occupation clip, it will be good for your merchandise quality.

So, while your merchandise has a high quality, it can do your more popular in broad market. From this ground, Knowledge Management System can enable employees to ready entree the forming papers, beginning of information and bring forthing solution. Besides be a centric of every concern system that can supply good benefits for your company of your concern in the modern market.


Website design


In late, many companies has recognize that E-commerce or on-line market is become of import manner to better the growing rate of their concern. So, many companies has designed their web site for communicated to their client for shared information with each other and the web site can be tools to advance the local concern to the broad market, many of them are success and some of them has failed, because they doesn’t cognize how to choose the right tools to assist their concern.

The easy ways that can increase the growing rate for your concern are market research, how to advance your concern and comfy payment.

Market Research

Market research are normally use for determine market of your merchandise. The aim of market research is how to detect what the client needs for the merchandise and after you have finished market research, you can place the country of your concern or mark groups of your selling. So, there are easy manner to work through the market research that are find your job of merchandise, analysing job, take sample of rebuild merchandise for client and analysing consequence of the sample merchandise that client demands or non.

There is non merely to aim your market, you needs to research about rival in the same concern. If you are get downing your concern that has the same with other company that would be difficult for your concern to be popular in the shortly clip. The benefit of Market research is the manner to better your concern to be more successful in the universe market than if you thing to making your ain concern, your demands to work through Market research before start making some concern.

RankCompanyGross saless in 2006
( million
Growth in %
1Nielsen Company3,696.


2IMS Health Inc.1,958.68.9
3Taylor Nelson Sofres1,851.


4Kantar Group1,401.44.1
5GfK AG1,397.35.






Top 10 of the market research sector 2006

Promoting of concern

“How can you acquire more visitants to your web site? ” ( Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, June 2, 2009 ) . There have many ways to advance your concern to acquire more visitant of your web site that mean you can hold more chances in your concern.

For E-market, the best and easy manner is advancing your web site with hunt engine web site ( E.g. ) .

While people around the universe are opened search engine web site, they can saw your web site and that can do your website popularity in the universe broad market on cyber universe.

Payment system

If you have taking to work though the online market, you needs to care about the payment system of your concern that it’s comfy for your client or non. This point can state that you traveling to successes in your concern or non and while you has a comfy payment system for your client that would do your concern or company be dependable in client position. There are many ways to work with on-line market for the payment system as shown in the followers.

  • Credit Card.
  • ATM transportation.
  • Checking.
  • Electronic measure payment.

    ( important figure of measures )

  • E-cash or on-line payment. ( Banking online service, money transportation service such and www. )

Security and Trust

When market on the cyberspace has turning, missing of internet security and undependable web site are become a large job in the universe of concern. So, we has design it in two major parts that are missing of security and trust from client as the followers.

Missing of security

In many large companies that had their ain web site doesn’t prepare web site in standard security degree. They doesn’t cognizant about hacker that can do job or cancel some information in the company.

It will be a large job in the farther for your concern. Not merely job from hacker, there has other job that can be of import hazards in your concern as the following below.

  • Web hosting that your web site has registered. You needs to selected web site that has a good quality and service. If you selected in bad we hosting you may loss chance in your concern.
  • Choping to the waiter of company by hacker.

    It can take tonss of job as we said before.

  • Missing of hardware such as old modem or unsecure connexion ports. It’s may non procure or stand for in the incorrect information.
  • An of import job while you have a low security is Viruses in computing machine.

    It can come from the cyberspace or hacker that could be deletes of import information.

Top 10 of Viruss and their % of infection

Trust from client

“If many people trust you than money will come” Do you believe in the sentence? More than 50 % of consumers are call offing the ordination of merchandise on web sites because of many web sites has miss understand in web design. So, their web site will be incredible. If web site has less trust it means that your incomes will be diminish excessively.

From this point, it can take to unsuccessful in your concern. The manner to work out this job is easy manner that is use some technique on wed design. The simple things to look into your web site are logo, colourss on page show, sphere name and reference of the company. So, web’s trust is the of import thing in e-marketing. After the trust from consumer, tonss of merchandise order and money will come to you.

  • Have your ain sphere name. If you have your ain sphere name, it looks trust than your web site that suspends to another web site or uses other free web site. When you want to purchase something between a web site, and www.geocities.

    com/shopping the web that have own sphere name will have more dependability.

  • Wage for the web hosting avoids to utilizing frees Hosting. It might does n't look good surely, if your client has entered at your web site and run into that your website utilizations free country from the facilitator, which may hold advertise show upward or messages is demoing.
  • Planing web site that seems to be dependable.

    You website should utilizing normal colour and good word which could assist you to be batter expression and more professional.

  • The information in web site is ever up to day of the month. Do non emancipate your web site excessively old and non update, because merely the information in your web site it does non take an interesting and client will non swear in your services.
  • Show information of company location that truth and easy to reach. Give the information wholly that easy to reach, such as company’s reference, telephone figure, FAX or map of your company will give the assurance to your client.

  • Refer to client that success in utilizing your service. You should give the right information. Such as the name family name or company of who of all time use your service. Highly if your client being popular star may assist to do other client remember and swear your web site.

  • Use another trust web site to assist you to show your web site. You will may travel to use for usage service of all facilitator for aid insist of your web site such as register E-Commerce of authorities section develops a concern.
  • Show the certification or awards of your concern in the web site. If your concern has of all time to have awards or certification, you should demo a image or intelligence for dependability of your web site.
  • Mention your day of the month and clip of your services.

    Highly how long you have of all time to open the service. That mean the dependability that you has will acquire more than base on balls, because it mean the professional of your service.

  • Good grammar and spelling affair. A good grammar and spelling affair besides will give your web site be trust and besides utilizing international linguistic communication.

Legal issue

While we are get downing the concern over the cyberspace or even the local concern, we needs to care about licence and transcript right that it will be against the jurisprudence or non. There’s really of import point for making some concern.

If your company name or merchandise name has the same name with other company, it would be hard in your concern to sale your merchandise that has the same name but different quality. Besides hallmark can assist client retrieve your merchandise. The proprietor of concern should hold cooperated and registered merchandises and company with authorities to back up the concern. Government can assist you to look into and advance your merchandise or your concern to the broad market and that can vouch your quality of merchandise. When you have your ain web site, you need to fix it with legal adviser by make sure that it has high protection for your concern.

Back office procedures are all about client service. There are about rank in your concern that how can we made their determination to be interested in our merchandise and can update information every hebdomad, month or twelvemonth.Architecture and Technology



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