Everyone makes mistakes in their life. Some people more than others, depending on who
you are. I like to think one of the reasons why people stick together is to help each other out
when they are in trouble.

It is truly sad to see that this writer is too selfish to help those in need.
One of the things that I noticed most about this article, is that the writer mentioned that
he/she was sick of these heroic stories of people getting out of drugs, and that it was their fault
for getting into it in the first place. I admit that I am a little tired of hearing the same getting
through drugs stories over and over, but at the same time, I think it is really a great
accomplishment to fight through hard times of drug or alcohol addiction.
Obviously, by reading this article, it is easy to tell that this writer has never been through
the ordeal of alcohol or drugs. It is not fair that he judges other people so harshly.

If for one day,
he had to deal with the pressures of being a teenager again, in this day and age, with the pressures
of alcohol and drugs (especially cigarettes), he probably would have rewritten his article. I know
that it makes me think that he is a closed-minded man/woman. Drugs are a trap, and alcohol an
addiction. Once you are caught, it can take more than an eternity to get out.
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