American’s lack basic knowledge of rules of the road and safe automobile operation. While many drivers seem to think they’re sitting in their living rooms, rather than behind the wheel, you don’t have to travel far to see people driving with risky driving techniques. Dangerous habits can be seen on highways, residential streets, and in parking lots. Nearly all Americans today, would fail a state driver’s test due to everyday driving habits, revealing some perilous driving routines. According to a six week survey, conducted by Progressive Insurance Group, more than forty-six percent of the respondents report expressing their anger at other drivers by shouting or swearing, using hand gestures, cutting off other drivers or excessive speeding, while they were behind the wheel. Many of us survive these situations, but some do not. Approximately 6,800,000 crashes occur in the United States each year; a substantial number are estimated to be caused by aggressive driving. Drivers from all age groups are vulnerable, due to either lack of experience of younger drivers or loss of your senses and reflexes as you get older. A recently new dangerous driving habit is the increase use of cell phones. More than fifty percent of the respondents report that they continuously talk on their cell phones while driving. This convenient distraction has increased nationwide in the past years because of technological advances, a need to be connected to work or home at all times, and a perception that driving is an unprodcutive.