Disrespect is also a factor in which negative people use the most, mainly because they are immature. Studies have shown that disrespect is the number one factor of bitterness. Being bitter can cause you to be mentally and physically ill. That is not a position you want to be placed in it is a place you would want to stay as far away from as possible. Being negative and disrespectful causes you to lose out on opportunities that can get you at a good place. The thing is negative people are not willing to improve themselves.

Keywords: disrespect, negativity, opportunity loss, bitterness, immaturityIt can cause a numerous problems in your personal life as well as professional life as well. You will forever have a life of failure if you do not choose to change. When getting a Job, they expect you to have a positive attitude, especially when you are around other people all day every day. If you have a negative attitude and you are dealing with customers, you will be the first person that is reported to the boss.

The next step is getting fired or suspended from work with no pay. You are messing up your cash flow and you are making yourself look bad and no one else will want to hire you.You will be stuck working fast food because they will be the only ones willing to hire you. Opportunity givers often look for people who are respectful.

People who are looking for others to run their companies are not going to want disrespectful and rude people representing them. Also when they tell you to do something, they are not going to want you complaining about it or catching attitude. They are going to expect you to do what you are told or you will not be getting paid. It is okay to have a serious attitude but you have to know the difference between serious and Just flat out rude.A lot of people misunderstand the difference between the two. Other than Job related situations, when you are placed in groups or teams, you have to communicate and considerate others opinions.

You have a negative attitude and you decide you do not want to collaborate with the rest of your team. Not only have you been label as a negative person with a negative attitude but your team has been labeled as a negative team. That kind of label should make you embarrassed but it must not. Negativity in someone's personality can tell you a lot about a person's future, specially if the person is not trying to change or does not plan on changing.

Disrespect is a sign of unhappiness within you. If you are not happy or pleased with yourself, you are not going to show anyone any ounce of respect because you find it pointless. You Just want to bring down everybodys mood and ruin everybodys day just so you can be satisfied. It must not work too well because you keep doing it like things are going to change and then no one wants to be around you anymore. There goes your opportunity to make friends right there.

You are pushing people away from you and making thing harder on yourself. Negativity to me is a sign of failure.If you do not know how to talk to people the right way, you will not succeed. You never know who you might need in order to get where you want and need to be in life. The people that you meet when you are young and Just starting out can really help you.

You do not know what is going to happen with them after high school. They can make it big and own their own companies and you need a Job or something. If they remember how bad of an attitude you had in high school, you will not be one of the people they help out in the long run. Having a negative attitude can change you way f life completely.You can become undisciplined simply because you want to do what you want to do and not what you are told to do. You will also become a coward because even though you present yourself as tough to others, you are Just very afraid on the inside.

Trust will also be lost. You will no longer trust anyone. Not even people you felt you were close to previously. Being a person with a negative attitude also means you have cancelled the trait of being work-oriented out. You will only work when you have to and not because you want to.

You will basically become lazy not do