Setting homework
Before carrying out my observation, I had the idea that all teachers set
the homework for their students at the end of the lesson.

However I was
surprised to find that Teacher B used a complete different method, whereby
he decided to set the homework at the beginning of the lesson. At first I
didn't agree with this technique, but as the lesson progressed, I decided
to change my feeling towards setting homework at the beginning of the
lesson. By setting the homework at the beginning of each lesson, it ensured
that anyone who was unsure as to what they were required to do, still had
the opportunity to go and get help from the teacher during the whole
Taking register
In most schools I have done observations in, I have recognised that
majority of the time the register is taken before the lesson is about to
start. However, teacher B decided to leave out the register until half way
through the lesson. This is rather effective as it ensured that 10 minute
was not wasted at the beginning of the lesson trying to settle everyone
down as well as taking the register.

By taking the register halfway through
the lesson, it ensured that only a few minutes was wasted to allow the
class to settle down.
Using whiteboard over tradition methods
Using the whiteboard was another effective means of teaching which I
recognised from the observation. There are considerable advantages in
interactive whiteboard, both for teachers and pupils.
. can be highly motivating for pupils and teachers
. aids concentration

increases interaction
. allows more time for learning in the classroom, as there is less wasted
. allows a wider variety of approaches
. supports teacher preparation of pupil material in an effective manner

can save teacher time
. can change the way teachers teach (by using a greater variety of options
Available to them)
How behaviour of students were been managed
Both classes I observed were very well behaved. I think the main reason why
the behaviour of the class was so good was mainly because both teachers
have managed to set their authority in the class, which has resulted in
high level of respect from the students. Both teachers although teaching a
not so attractive lesson managed to make the lesson enjoyable by using
effective means of teaching such as class-discussions, using whiteboards,