Our family always looks forward every vacation time because of so many places we visited and how we learned a lot from it.  It’s just like an educational tour.  As we traveled along we learned of different biomes in the world.  The world contains different kinds of Biomes.  Biome is a kind of large ecosystem where animals, insects, plants and human beings live in certain type of climate.  The following are some of the places we visited: 1.  Northern Alaska. In Northern Alaska, you will find their frosty biome called the Arctic Tundra.  The earth’s coldest Biome.  The Arctic tundra is a cold, vast, treeless area of low, swampy plains in the north around the Arctic Ocean.  An example of tundra is the Alpine Tundra that is at the tops of high mountains.  The type of climate affects plants and animals living on that area because of the availability of food supplies.  Examples of animals are the polar bears, arctic foxes and caribou.  Plants include the cushion plants, small shrubs and the lichen. 2.  Asia Tropical rainforests are found in Asia particularly along the equator.  It receives rains each year, approximately 70 inches.  Most of the species of plants and animals are found in this type of biome.  Many of its plants are used in medicines.  However, rainforests are considered an endangered biome because of the rapid growth of people who have cut the trees and contributed to the so called global warming.  Some of the animals of the tropical rainforest are the anteater, jaguar, brocket deer, lemur, orangutan, marmoset, macaw, parrot, sloth, and toucan. Among the many plant species are bamboo, banana trees, rubber trees, and cassava. 3.  Russia Taiga is the name of biome found in Russia.  It is a land dominated by conifers, like spruces and firs.  It has a limited variety of animals and plants compared to the temperate deciduous forest. References http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0769052.html