The statement suggests that the humans' reliance on the developing technology results In lower ability to think by themselves. My pollen about this Issue Is divided, due to the fact that one of the reasons that our specie has evolved to be the most powerful and developed problem solver that ever existed on earth is the reliance on technology while over dependence on technology might be harmful to the human mind. In fact, the reliance of humans on technology since the beginning of time has given them the ability to develop more and more advanced technology while solving more official problems.Since that we are genetically programmed to try to achieve more convenience and comfort, we are always in a chase for new machinery, better tools and more comfortable environment that will make us happier. This could be best Illustrated by the space race, which has given a great push to hundreds, if not thousands of new technological abilities in the fields of mathematics, computer science, biological sciences, engineering etc.

Although we have reached space, this race isn't slowing down and new questions and needs are arising every day. Scientists all over the world research those fields, trying to discover facts about our world from the human cell to the mysteries of the universe while developing new approaches to solve the problems that arise from those discoveries. In contrast to that statement, things have changed this situation in the past century and thus may result In a different perspective.Nowadays, most of the people concentrate on a certain profession and every need In their life that Is not In their field of expertise relies on technology or skills that others have developed. In the sat, people used to have a broad set of professional abilities, due to the fact that they haven't got a tool and gadget to every day to day activity.

Thus, the fact that so many activities during the day are performed not by our mind makes us think less and do more.For example, the computer has given people that lack some sort of problem solving abilities to overcome those by running some computational programs that solves, for example, mathematical problems, route and strategy planning problems etc. It's clear that having a convenient tool within reach, makes It preferable to developing the loving ability by themselves, thus giving a comfortable environment to think less and certainly not to try harder in order to tackle problems by their own mind.In that was the main force that has given us the ability to be developed to the great race we are.

While some people choose not to develop skills and knowledge, from a lack of urge to explore and discover, which results in deterioration in thinking ability over time, others do. Those people are creating the developed world we live in. Thus, the choice whether we explore or stay behind is in our hands.