If I were a marketing assistant for a consumer electronic company and I had to set-up my company's booth at the tradesman. I would be need to be extremely detailed In packing up equipment and components. The cost of this technology is extremely expensive and it is my responsibility and my job on the line. When technology companies do trademarks there are a wide variety of equipment and components that need to be set-up.The types of equipment I may be taking with me to set-up for the tradesman is laptops, cell phones, projectors, and an pad or tablet. I would need other things such as a/c adapters, chargers, microphones, and cameras.

Kerosene (Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain,) stated, "Some of the output hardware consists of video displays, printers, audio speakers, overhead projectors, and other special-purpose devices, such as large flatbed plotters. " These Items may be needed to set-up the tradesman for my company.For this list of equipment I do not feel that an expensive database Is needed, when Excel can organize and keep track of the equipment that Is coming and going from my company. If the Excel template Is set-up properly, updated, and inventoried regularly it will be sufficient to handle the data. The main advantage of using a database over an Excel is the fact that there is no need to format the information into a table. Databases also have the ability to pull reports that making it a bit less tedious than using a spreadsheet.

Stile, 1997-2009). The good part of using Excel is that it is transferable through a thumb drive, email, or the cloud. It can be used, updated, and taken anywhere. Databases are not as transferable as Excel spreadsheets are and that may cause a problem because it may not be able to be updated right away.

Rouse (2007-2014), "A decision support system is a computer program application that analyzes business data and presents It so that users can make business decisions more easily".This could help the company sake a quick decision of what would be the best route to take with the data that the company needs to store about their expensive equipment. Scenario 2: As the manager of seven employees that work either remotely or from the office I need to ensure that my employees can work from their laptops and access their work from anywhere. I would ensure that my company employees connect to the internet via LANA, this is because Élan's internet performance is considerably higher than WAN (Kerosene, 2014).

I do believe that it is the best choice to have my company employee's set-up so that they can connect wirelessly to the internet. This ensures that they are always able to connect to the internet whether they are on a laptop or another mobile device. They are able to be more portable this way and connect anywhere. My company only consists of seven employees so this will not be a huge cost to the company.