Demonstration Speech Outline Title: Best Mexican Guacamole Dip Specific purpose: To present you all to one of the best Guacamole recipes to of enter your life. Thesis: Guacamole is simple to make and most of all healthy. I. Introduction A. Attention materials: Did you know that Guacamole dates back to the Aztecs. They were particularly fond of it because of its high fat content. But don’t be alarmed! The avocado contains good fat you want incorporated into your body. B. Tie to the audience: Oh and the best part are its nutritional facts.

For all you ladies who enjoy counting your calories. I bet it will put a smile on your face to know that this only contains around 190 calories. C. Credibility material: This Guacamole is so good, that’s every time there is a family event or party, I am expected to bring the Guacamole. I don’t even get asked anymore. I guess I just have that touch. D. Preview: There are only three very simple steps in the making of this tasty snack. Which involve the following, 1. Mashing the Avocado. 2. Mixing the ingredients. 3. Serving it

II. Body A. The first step is to gather your ingredients. You will need, 1. 2 large Avocados 2. 2 tbsps of Onions 3. 2 tbsps of Tomatoes 4. 2 tbsps of Jalapenos 5. 2 tbsps of Cilantro 6. Salt 7. Lime 8. Tortilla chips B. Your second step is to gently mash the Avocados with a fork until chunky smooth in a bowl. C. The third step involves mixing all of your ingredients in the bowl. 1. Pour 1 tablespoon of Onions into the bowl containing the mashed Avocados, and mix. 2. Pour 1 tablespoon of Tomatoes into the bowl, and mix. 3.

Pour 1 tablespoon of Jalapenos into the bowl, and mix. 4. Pour 1 tablespoon of Cilantro into the bowl, and mix. 5. Sprinkle some salt into the bowl, adjust seasoning to taste. 6. Squirt ? of a lime, to prevent Avocado from turning brown. D. Serve the Guacamole with Mexican style tortilla chips, and enjoy! III. Conclusion A. Final Review: Today you learned how to make a delicious Mexican style Guacamole following three easy steps. 1. Mash the Avocados until chunky smooth. 2. Mixing all of you ingredients into a bowl. 3. Serve it with Mexican Style Tortilla Chips. B.

Tie back to the audience: Now that summer is coming, everyone is trying to get rid of those extra pounds they gained during the holidays and watch what they eat. Well, most of the ingredients in this Guacamole are vegetables. Which make us that much less guilty to enjoy it. C. Concluding remarks: So next time you have a craving for something yummy and healthy, make yourself a Mexican Style Guacamole dip. It never fails to satisfy. Work Cited: http://www. food. com/recipe/guacamole-real-authentic-mexican-guac-135048 http://guacamole-recipe. net/simple-and-quick-guacamole-recipe-with-pictures/