On the other hand, relevant research found that similar sports event are on the rise, it would be a threat to BET.

However, BET provides opportunity for organization to develop communication with participants and also build a good relationship with them. BET tends to attract local residents and day visitors as the scale of the event is small. Generally, BET is likely to attract a wide range of age group. As a sports event, BET tends to attract Male riders more than female. There are four promotion objectives in the promotion plan.

BET is aim to attract $10,000 pensioners by inviting Vitamin Water to become a sponsor of the event. Setting up faceable page and updating faceable page as well as advertising on social media and print media are important strategies which will be implemented for attracting new riders. A promotional video will be recorded in order to increase event awareness. All of the promotion strategies will be used within a year of time.

For the budget, advertising on media will be the largest expense of the event which costs approximately 100,000.According to the record, the event has been attracting over 5,000 riders. It provides four entry types, the price of an adult is from $70 to $100. Brassier to the bay involves 4 different courses which are km Brassier riverside, km Brassier to Ballroom & back, km Brassier to Wynn & back and km Brassier to the bay & back.

All courses start and finish at Engrave Park, South Brisbane. The course map of the event will be presented in Appendix 1 . According to the course map, participants can ride around east Brisbane to Wellington point.Further information can be found at http://www. Praiseworthy.

Com. AU/. 2. Assessment of the Market Environment 2. 1 Internal analysis: Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: - BET is a charity event which raises fund to help change the lives of the thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis (MS) (Brassier to the bay, 2013).

- BET offers four different courses for riders, participants can able to Join different courses from family coursework to challenging courthouses. - BET has been held for 23 years which is well-known in Brisbane. BET is the largest cycling event in Brisbane which consists of over 5,000 riders(Brassier to the bay, 2013). Weaknesses: - BET is a charity event which is lack of operation cost.

- BET is lack of promotion due to the limitation of capital. - Ticket price of BET is quite expensive. It is easy to get hurt in sports events rather than other events 2. 2 External analysis: Threats & opportunities Threats: - Research has identified a rise in popularity of charity sport events" (Fill, Funk, & O'Brien, 2009, p. 62) - Whether cannot be accurately foreseen - It is necessary to obtain permission from government Opportunities: - BET provides opportunities for people who love cycling - BET provides opportunities for host organization to communicate with participants - BET helps increase awareness of cycling - Host organization is able to build a relationship with participants and detonators Hough BET - Brisbane economy is predicted to grow to more than $21 5 billion (ADD) GRIP by 2031 (Brisbane Economic Development Plan 2012-2031 , 2012), good economic environment can attract attendance. 2.

3 SOOT analysts: Strengths Fund raising Largest cycling event Well-known in Brisbane Offers four courses Weaknesses Lack of promotion Lack of capital Easy to get hurt Expensive ticket prices Opportunities Develop communication Increase awareness of cycling Build customer relationship Good economic environment Threats - Similar events are on the rise - Bad weather - Obtain governments' permission 3. Target Market 3. 1 Primary Target Market Geographically, BET tends to attract local residents in Brisbane, day-visitors and intrastate domestic tourists.As the event scale is small, it is not likely to attract such widely dispersed market. Allen, Tooled, Harris, and McDonnell(2008) state that "a key determinant of geographic segmentation is the potential "drawing power" of the event as a tourism attraction".

BET has drawing power for a geographic market in Brisbane because the event has held for 23 years in Brisbane. Local residents are likely to familiar with the event more than other areas in Australia. . 2 Secondary Target Market Demographically, BET is a cycling event which attracts a wide range of age group.

Generally, generation X, born between 1965 and 1980 is likely to spend money in leisure activities. Generation Y, born after 1981, which is most likely students and pre-school children, tends to attend the event as well because they are full of energy and young. For gender, BET tends to attract Male riders more than female. According to relevant research, men are likely to do sports and watch sports games more than women. For occupation, working class to Upper middle class are targeted as well as gig school and university student group.

Children are encouraged to Join the event with their parents. In addition, family group (2 adults plus 2 children) is also targeted which provides opportunity for participants to enjoy a family bike ride day. 3. 3 Tertiary Target Market Apparently, BET is designed for sports lovers and cyclists. It is likely to attract people who love sports and competition. Moreover, people who are seeking leisure experiences and better lifestyle would be targeted as well.

Allen, Tooled, Harris, and McDonnell(2008) state that segmentation of consumers is based on shared values ND attitudes.Therefore, those who are socially aware and young optimists are estimated to attend BET. 4. Objectives 4. 1 Overall business objective BET aims to raise $1,200,000 to help change the lives of the thousands of Australians living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and promote cycling behavior in Brisbane. 4.

2 SMART promotion objectives -To attract $10,000 of sponsorship - To attract 1,000 new participants - To achieve 98% ticket sales - To attract at least 3 cycling associations or sports clubs involved with the event 5.Promotion Strategies Link to Marketing Objective Strategies Rationale 1. 1 To attract $10,000 of sponsorship Invite water beverage company Vitamin Water to become sponsors of BET Vitamin Water is a water product which includes energy and vitamin B , C or E(Coca-Cola, 2013). It offers over 20 flavors and each flavor includes different ingredients which can supplement one's energy. Riders of BET are needed to be refreshed after the ride.

Therefore, Vitamin Water could support Vitamin of participants 1. To attract 1,000 new participants Keep updating BET faceable page weekly and target people who "like" sports and yoking Faceable is the most popular social network on the internet with approximately 750 million users(Wolfe,2011). Target people who had "like" Sports and cycling can reach to the target market directly. People who share and "like" the page of BET can help increasing the awareness of the event.

Advertise on Radio, newspapers and sports magazines Advertise on radio and newspapers are able to spread event awareness to the public though media coverage.People who interested in sports are likely to buy sports magazines, advertise those magazines can reach the target market of BET. Advertise on print media such as posters and flyers. Distribute 1,000 flyers all over Brisbane and place 300 posters at the bus stops and train stations. Placing posters and distributing flyers can also promote the event to general public and increase awareness. Offer discount once a participant invite a friend to Join the event can get 90% discount on ticket.

Offer discount can encourage participant to Join BET. Promote BET on official weapon, twitter and youth by uploading photos, videos and status.Twitter and youth are popular on the internet. Promoting BET on social networks can reach the target market easily. Twitter and youth enable user to write comments and share the information to their friends.

Word of mouth is important for every single event(Allen, Tooled, Harris, and McDonnell, 2008). In order to develop word of mouth, promoting the event and sharing experiences on the internet can be effective. To record a promotional video which includes the aim of the event, event information, photos of the event and feedback of customers. The video must be creative.After editing the video, it should be posted on the weapon, Youth, faceable, twitter and official weapon. Video advertisement is common on the internet such as Youth.

Record a video advertisement can introduce the event in detail and promote BET.. 1. 3 To achieve 98% ticket sales Deliver e-mails and mails to event department of Griffith University, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology as well as corporate sector. In order to spread awareness within the society, delivering e-mails and mails can reach the target market directly. Contact previous participants though mails, e-mails and text messages.

Participants ho had Joined the event before have probability to Join the event again(Allen, Tooled, Harris, and McDonnell, 2008). Keep contacting previous participants and build a relationship with them can increase loyalty. Merchandising such as T-shirts with BET logo and souvenirs can be sold during the event. It is effective to create event logo which enable participant to keep in mind what event they have gone to.

;1. 4 To attract at least 3 cycling associations or sports clubs involved with the event Deliver e-mails and mails to all cycling and sports clubs in Brisbane. For example,