An English writer named Richard Breathiest flirts recorded the word in his book entitled "The young man's gleanings". Computers are now the most common electronic device among individuals and businesses in the world. Computers serve as a means of solving sophisticated problems easily and quickly. Now the forensic science department also use computers in their investigations.

And banks also stopped counting money with their fingers to waste time and human energy through he help of computers.Definition of computers Almost everybody In this world is trying to learn the use of computers, especially the youth of the 21st century. A computer can be defined as an electronic device programmed to carry out operations such as arithmetic and logics and research. The computer Is developed In such a way that It Is able to solve more than one problem at a time by changing from screen to screen.

Running head: Computers Parts of Computer The computer is made up of 4 basic parts which are the monitor, system unit, mouse ND keyboard.Monitor: It is a screen at which the program is displayed. Without the monitor, the software installed in the system unit cannot be displayed for visualization. It is also known as the eyes of the computer. System Unit; It is the brain of the computer. That is where a memory chip called the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is Installed to carry out the installation's arithmetic and logical operations.

Based on how Information Is stored on the system unit, one can change and control orgasm easily and sequentially.Items such as videos, music, pictures and other Internet APS can be downloaded on the computer for future use. Mouse: The mouse is a peripheral device - that is an external electronic device designed in the shape of a mouse attached to the system unit to help in the navigation on the monitor as a program is displayed from the system unit to the monitor. Keyboard: This consists of numeric and alphabetical keys or letters and symbols used In the research and calculations and solving problems.Computer Peripherals Computers also have peripheral devices which allow information to be retrieved from external sources. These peripherals include; mouse, pen drives or flash drives, CD Rooms, USB ports, external speakers and many more.

History of Computers Between 1936 and 1945, the united Kingdom and united States developed the first electronic digital computers (according to research, John Vincent Donations, an built in such a way that each size was as large as the size of a room and was also misusing more electronic power as hundreds of them are consuming in this modern days.The analog which was the second type of computer being developed was being used for Just military operations. This type of computers were made smaller than the digital computer. As time passed by, manufacturers and inventors realized that if they have been able to decrease the size of the first manufactured computer, then they can build a smaller one which will be less energy consuming than the first two. So they manufactured the modern personal computers.

The Modern Personal Computers based on integrated circuits are most at times more capable than the initial computers; it occupies a fraction of the space. Conclusion Simply put, Computers are now fit enough to fit into mobile devices, and now even the smallest batteries can now produce efficient power to enable a computer device to function because computers are now being manufactured in different forms such as the mobile phones, Pod, tablets, MPH, children computers, laptops and more sophisticated kids playing toys.