They find other ways to make a large sum of money they target people in robberies markets liquor stores, and other retail establishment.

The state needs to find a better way for the Juvenile maybe send them out of town where they don't know anyone and show the Juveniles it is a better way of life a better way besides selling drugs and robbing people. I believe if more single parents start to talk to their children at a young age Most of them will listen to their parents.The state want have to raise our children if the parents get some control back in the house. Pro Juvenile should be tried as an adult they do the crime he/she should pay for the crime if young people can hold a gun and rob other people at gun point and take your car break in your house then we should punish them stop spanking them on the hand they are no better them an 25 -year old- man goes out and do the same crime we need to stop babying these young men and women that's why they keep continue the same crime when the Judge give them a slap on the wrist and nothing seem to help them do the right thing. .

How has cybercrime contributed to the overall? Pro Computer crimes now includes the crimes of theft and vandalism as well as counterfeiting fraud and child pornography, terrorism. There should be some kind of training on cybercrime so people that's thinking about taking an class in criminal justice will be well train. In the area that is so needed. Cybercrime cost use money over$250 million in losses at the hand of a hacker the company lose more employers.

Cybercrime has made big company take their business elsewhere like over sea.We need to try and fine ways for people that do cybercrime a way they could use their kills in a good way and show us how they think. People use their school or library to do crime in most states and it is still an ongoing thing right now today. CON Should there be Juveniles in prison? There are more Juveniles now doing crime at an alarming rate.

I do be leave if they do the crime to hurt bodily or harm someone he or she should be treated as an adult, Even if they took another person life they should go to prison they can be reform and be rehabilitate if he or she have the opportunity to come out of prison and get there life back on track.I think most of houldn't go to prison they are Just kids and may not understand what they are getting them self into. Juveniles need programs put in place for them they need to see why it isn't a good idea to carry a fire arm. Field trips need to be recommending by the courts to help these young people to do the right thing. The state shouldn't wait until something happen for these Juveniles to get some help that is very much needed. Parents should be able to talk to the courts if they see their children may need some help so they want end up somewhere locked up something needs to be in place to help both the parents and the Juveniles.