Everyday Dive's mom makes him wear old clothes to school. His shirt has holes in it like Swiss cheese and so does his pants.

He has to wear very old shoes that also have holes in them. He is able to wiggle his big toe out of one of the holes in his shoe. Dave really fears his mother because she does horrible things to him. His mother treats him very different from his brothers.

She tells him he is a bad boy that's why he gets hit. One day when Dave was home alone with his mother she made him take off his clothes and tried to make him lay on the to stove.Dave refused so she grabbed him and forced his arm on to the hot fire and burned his arm. When Dave does not finish washing the dishes on time his mother smacks him around and he gets no food.

One of his punishments is not getting any food. If he is lucky he will get to eat his brothers left over from breakfast or dinner. Dave only feels a little safe when his father is home because his mother acts different when he is home. When his dad is home his mother always argues with him.Dive's mind set is wrong and all messed up because of what his mother does to him.

She makes him believe and think he is a bad boy and everything is his fault. Dave is not allowed to play with his brothers. He cannot watch television. After he finishes his choirs he has to go stand in a corner in the dark basement all alone.

From time to time his dad would try to sneak him a piece of bread to eat. Dave is relieved and happy when the police finally take him away from his mom.I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read about a person's life ND how they overcome their trials and tribulations. I have noticed that my reading has improved a lot compared to last year. I know it has improved because last year I had a lot of trouble with understanding the meaning of what I am reading, but now I am starting to actually stop and go back to the book and read again if I do not understand so I can get a better understanding.

Sometimes I do have to go back and reread what I have Just read because I have forgotten what I read. Icier y, dashed Wade