Select one of the following essay topic to write an expository essay on. You will then need to use this theme when you write your comparative essay so make sure you choose carefully. Internal Conflict 1 . How does Blackly resolve his internal conflicts across the novel? 2. Which events and the choices Blackly makes following these are the most significant in shaping his self identity? 3.

How do Blackly actions and decision allow him to overcome the ender" label. Racism "gutless 1. Racism is inherent in the Port and therefore can't be overcome. Do you agree? 2. The choice of Mark Arks to be awarded as Best on Ground in the grand final is an example of racism in the text. What other examples are there and what is their impact on the characters? Culture 1 .

How are the differences in the cultures between the Port and the Point misunderstood and how does this contribute to conflict and tensions. . What does football culture contribute to the towns in the text? Does it have a positive or a negative impact on the characters? Family/Relationships 1. Compare the structure of Dummy Red's family to that of Blackly. Which do you think is more loving? 2. How do our relationships with those outside of our family impact on our choices and values.

Explain with reference to the text. Violence 1. Why is Blackly fearful of his father? Discuss with reference to physical and emotional abuse in the text.