Josh Fuentes Ms. Apshaga English 4 April 2012 Critical response The article "The Wife-Beater" by Gayle Rosenwald Smith appeared in the newspapers, Chicago Tribune, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. The article states her view on the term “wife beater”, and the blindness of youth under the age of 25. In this article, she also explains that the sleeveless undershirt is not the problem; just the term is what bothers her. The author hates how the name upsets her and how folks under the age of 25 years old, do not mind the name of the sleeveless undershirt.

She goes on to say how the world defined the wife beater and associated the shirt with men who abuse women, and as a style worn by men who are abusive and unexpectedly wear the shirt. Then, she goes into fashion and how it was popularized in many different ways. She also used an example. The example used was an example about how sporting events in the eighties, which one sits in the sun and leaves marks on the body. After that she went into the factual meaning and the statistics of the violent act of wife beating.

Lastly, she ended in a statement about how a person that is 25 years or older should not compare the manliness of the shirt to violence. The article The Wife-Beater is an overreaction to the stereotypical name of a blameless, popular undershirt. This sleeveless undershirt is worn by many people such as business men and women nationwide. This piece of clothing has been in the wardrobe of many businessmen for decades. The author makes interesting points but her proof is very little and based on her opinions.

She states all these faults about the name but it does not tie in with the shirt. When the author made the statement about “individuals in the age group of 25 or younger not seem disturbed about the name”, it troubled me. In my opinion there are more important subjects that need to be taken care of and spoken about besides renaming a piece of clothing. I believe that "wife-beater" is just a name of the shirt; it does not say that physical abuse is correct or fine.

She just wanted to make a connection between domestic violence and the wife beater undershirt to make her point. Unfortunately, a article about her personal view on the subject cannot change what has been established for decades. Domestic violence is a very important subject, but I believe that the way the topic was handled was terrible. She made many interesting points but she backed up her proof with opinions.