One of the countries that have been altering since 1990 has been the acknowledgment and the response to which corporations accord the environmental concerns ( Lober, 1996 ) . The wellness of the natural environment and how a corporation affects the ecosystems and the human wellness has of late become a major concern. It is the duty of corporations to detect environmental regulation and policies to guarantee that the society does n't develop a negative appraisal public presentation about the company.

Coca-Cola being the largest drink company in the universe is non an exclusion sing this concern. It 's based in Atlanta in the United States of America and was founded in the twelvemonth 1886. It is the taking maker, seller and distributer of the drink merchandises in the universe. The company operates in more than 200 states worldwide ( 1 ) . Coca Cola Company needs to keenly detect how its actions affect the society and the environment at big.

This paper is aimed at discoursing the public presentation of Coca-Cola in relation to the environment. It examines the behavior of the company giving elaborate treatment about the company 's failings and the strengths in its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours maps and their effects on the environment and other stakeholders.

The instance against Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company produces a broad scope of merchandises which have been criticized by assorted groups of people for assorted grounds like wellness jobs after taking the merchandises, high use of pesticides for its merchandises and slave labour in Germany which was needed in the edifice workss. Other issues include devastation of the environment through its patterns, its concern patterns which assume monopolistic nature and hence act as a loophole to work clients and in conclusion bring forthing, selling unhealthy merchandises to bush leagues which have negative impacts on their lives and its history of racial favoritism patterns ( Rogers, 2004 ) . Harmonizing to Rogers ( 2004 ) , in the twelvemonth 2000 the Coca Cola Company in Atlanta used $ 192.

5 million to settle a instance where about 2,000 Afro-american employees were allegedly discriminated in footings of wage and publicities. He says hat many similar cases are pending in the tribunal against the company with the recent one being where the company has been accused of bullying, creative activity of opprobrious and violative and hostile workplace environment. In Dallas, the company was besides criticized for carrying expired merchandises.Another intense unfavorable judgment about the Coca Cola Company was its scheme to market nutritionally worthless and detrimental merchandises to the kids lending to the increasing figure of the corpulent adolescents. The company used Harry Potter 's films to lure the childs to more soft drinks. It 's besides involved in the pollution and overexploitation of H2O beginnings in India which has got a fast turning market of the Coca Cola merchandises.

There has been a changeless unfavorable judgment on the company 's patterns in India which has drained a batch of belowground H2O and turned farming lands into practical comeuppances. Three communities in India experienced acute H2O deficit as a consequence of excavation carried out by the company. The indiscriminate dumping of the waste merchandises by the Coke Company had an inauspicious consequence on the environment and contaminated H2O beginnings. This H2O deficit issue in India led to the transition of jurisprudence by the Indian parliament that saw the forbiddance of merchandising of Coke and Pepsi merchandises in the cafeterias.

The Coca Cola Company has neglected the wellness issues in Africa where the employees in Africa do non acquire good medical attending that would help in the battle against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa ( Rogers, 2004 ) . Other critics of the Coca Cola Company claim that its merchandises are non fit for taking a healthy life in that Coke contains high degrees of sugar and big consumption of sugars in the organic structure ensuing in high emphasis degrees and deterioration of a diabetic state of affairs ( Ponce, 2010 ) . He claims that excessively much sugars in the organic structure weakens the immune system, rush the aging procedure. In diet drinks, a sweetening is usually used which is believed to do vesica malignant neoplastic disease. Another wellness concern is tooth decay which is caused by the acids used to do the coke and reaction with the Ca of the dentition. Coca Cola contains a batch of caffeine and excessively much in the organic structure has negative effects like hyperactivity.

The instance for Coca-Cola Company

Coca Cola company is a local concern but operating on a planetary graduated table. This means that the concern is found in many states and it 's locally managed. As the concern grows, the community support aimed at making and back uping undertakings for the local communities across the Earth besides grows. The Coca-Cola foundation is aimed at carry throughing this and it has contributed $ 305 million to back up these community plans and enterprises. The foundation asserts that they are committed to puting their clip, resources and expertness to guarantee realisation and care of vibrant, sustainable and local communities ( Thecoca-colacompany.

com, 2009 ) . The foundation spouse with other organisations around the universe to acquire more support to be able to help the community based plans and enterprises. The foundation assists communities to get clean H2O and sanitation, to guarantee there is adequate H2O and use of H2O for instruction, preservation and consciousness plans within communities. The foundation is besides charged with the furthering healthy and active life styles among the people in a community.

This is done through giving support on entree to exercisings, nutritionary educational plans that encourage alteration in behaviour among the people in the society and therefore their ways of life is greatly improved. The foundation steers the so called community recycling which aims at bettering and increasing research and invention within a peculiar community. They support scholarship plans, assist the pupils from the hapless household backgrounds and entree to instruction plans in a community. All these enterprises are aimed at bettering the face of the communities and better the life styles of the people.

Coca-Cola Company has got community H2O plans which were launched to assistance in the healthy H2O sheds to retrieve the H2O used in the fabrication procedure of the company. This enterprise has helped greatly in the betterment of the life criterions of people all to the courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company. The countries which could non be inhabited by human existences or sparsely inhabited due to miss of H2O have now been changed into green land and more productive ( 2009 ) .

The Coca Cola Company is committed to conserving the natural resources and the protection of the dirt, H2O and clime and the necessities of prolonging life on Earth. For any community to register any economic growing or betterment in the support agribusiness must be taken attention of and it is with this realisation that Coco Cola Company launched this enterprise to make and prolong changeless flow of nutrient supply in the communities. Agribusiness is the female parent of the economic system and it affects one million millions of people across the universe because it is required for human endurance and it 's the biggest employer of the most of people. Although Coca Cola Company is non straight involved in agriculture, it encourages sustainable patterns that benefit providers, clients and consumers.

The company is committed to attainment of wellness and economic verve of the agrarian communities. The company besides offers catastrophe alleviation and recovery direction to communities that are non easy accessible for necessities in instance of a catastrophe. For case, during the recent January 2010 Haiti temblor, the coca-cola system response was pressing. The company donated sum of money amounting to $ 2 million to the Red Cross, more than one million litters of H2O and Coca Cola drinks to be taken to the victims of the temblor. The company spouses with local wellness functionaries and other experts to sensitise people on the relevant wellness issues like infantile paralysis, malnutrition, proper hygiene, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS enterprises supported by the coca-cola company include the Coca-cola Africa Foundation which is charged with the duty of developing HIV/AIDS plans in the African states.

Then the company launched a run in China to contend AIDS, malaria and TB in the country prone to these diseases by administering cards incorporating the information related to these slayer diseases. The Coca-Cola foundation is committed to cut downing the spread of the AIDS epidemic in Haiti (, 2009 ) . All these enterprises demonstrate clearly how Coca Cola Company is committed to bettering the lives of the common people and the sustainability of the improved life styles. The Coca Cola Company will utilize $ 30million over the following six old ages to do clean H2O and sanitation available to the Africans. The president and the CEO of the Company said that Africa is threatened by the deficiency of H2O and therefore hinders economic growing.

He said for any community to boom, it needs strong and healthy dwellers and hence assisting Africa work out the H2O crisis is the company 's precedence which would do a positive and a permanent consequence to the lives of the occupants (, 2010 ) . In countries where the company is located, the occupants enjoy improved substructure like roads, electricity and general growing of the country. In add-on, there is creative activity of occupation chances for the occupants where this company is found.

Reasoning Remarks

It is apparent that the societal public presentation of the Coca-Cola Company in relation to the consequence on the environment has been mixed up.

On one manus, we have seen that the Coke Company has engaged itself in positive societal activities that add value to the communities. The enterprises that they are funding are bettering people 's lives and gain them a life. Community undertakings are really of import in every society in that there is no a individual community that can turn or boom in an environment where its occupants are deprived of H2O, nutrient, instruction, wellness and other undertakings which the Coke company are seeking to fund and back up. However, the company finds itself at dunces with community in a figure of issues. The society expects the company to do no injury on the environment or impact the wellness of the guiltless people.

The merchandises of the company are no so good for consumption in footings of wellness hazard and many have found themselves in bad wellness state of affairss due to ignorance and indiscriminate selling of these merchandises even to the childs. The company has been involved independently in jurisprudence suits for discriminate publicity and occupation arrangement. Many topographic points have been turned into comeuppances as a consequence of the company 's engagement.