I have been questioning, Mr. Bruce Williams, he is the shop director in Sandersville, Ga. IGA Supermarket.

He graduated in 1975 from Washington County High School. He did non go to college and has been in the food market concern since 1973. He has worked in the food market concern most of his life from high school until now. He started as a packer and worked his manner up the concatenation from at that place.

His occupation at IGA includes the smooth running of the concern and confidence of proper cost effectivity. His place with the company is guaranteed every bit long as the IGA trade name is in concern. If the shop in Sandersville closed down so they would travel him to another shop to replace a director that was non guaranteed a occupation.The edifice has been in this location for several old ages, it has been IGA for 4 old ages, and the company has been done its best to guarantee that it keeps at least 30 people that really live in the community employed at all times. Mr.

Bruce Williams is supposed to be the back bone of this shop ; he is required to utilize a certain sum of just judgement, and ethical accomplishment to guarantee that the concern is running swimmingly. He has to make the hiring and fire to do the company profitable every bit good as community oriented.The direction books that I have read have all defined the client as the most of import thing ( Daft, 2009 ) . I have found since working with the company that the most of import thing is the money that is being made non the safety and public assistance of the clients. I have watched the director and I do non believe he is really making his best with the ethical portion of his responsibilities.

Mr. Bruce is non doing a positive impact on the organisation because he is non covering with his employees in an ethical mode. I can give one illustration for this statement ; one employee who 's rubric is head bookkeeper, scheduled to describe at 6:00 am five yearss a hebdomad. She ne'er comes in until 6:30 am each forenoon, he does nil. This changeless lateness is doing other employees that are scheduled for work at 6 am tardily.

Mr. Bruce lives 1 hr off from the shop, he is forced each forenoon that this employee is scheduled to open the shop, intending he has to work from 6 am most darks until 10 autopsies ; he does this to cover for this late employee. He is non taking with this behaviour he is non puting a good illustration. He has the construct down and he runs the shop to the best of his ability nevertheless he lacks any professional preparation.

I choose Mr. Bruce for my study because he is the focal point of the company in this country ; he is the 1 that the people in the community are looking to for possible employment for their kids. If he is keeping a occupation for person that is non dependable so more of his judgement might be clouded.Part of my study will be based on the fact that it is true that for a concern to be genuinely successful you must utilize both moralss every bit good as good direction accomplishments to guarantee a winning company construct.Annotated BibliographyBromberg, S.

E. ( 2010, March 21 ) . Small Business Ethics. Retrieved from Business Ethical motives: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessethics.net/Speaks about the significance of moralss in concern and importance of such, why moralss are of import and how to state what is ethical or what is non.

It besides speaks on what is non about moralss merely good concern sense. I will utilize this to seek and explicate why Mr. Bruce does nil when he can clearly see a job that should be addressed.Daft, R.

L. ( 2009 ) . Understanding Management. Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning.This will give me a usher as to what is good concern sense and what is non.

It will be used in this assignment as a mention to understanding what is ethical direction.Harrison, S. ( 2009, July 22 ) . A City without Chain Grocery Stores. Retrieved from Assignment Detroit: hypertext transfer protocol: //money.

cnn.com/2009/07/22/smallbusiness/detroit_grocery_stores.smb/index.htmHow would the little town of Sandersville survive without the IGA concatenation? There is a Wal-mart, but harmonizing to sentiment this town can non afford the monetary values. This article tells of how it is to populate in a town without a concatenation food market shop, and the actions the town to do certain they were non left without one. This is relevant because the town is little we see the same people every twenty-four hours at this shop, they would non last without it.

IGA, Inc. ( 2010 ) . IGA.com. Retrieved from IGA: IGA.comThis tells about the start of the company and the other information.

You can turn up shops from this site and it goes into the different IGA merchandises every bit good the different events and sweepstakes traveling on in the company.Publix Super Market, Inc. ( 2010 ) . Publix. Retrieved from Publix.

com: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.publix.com/This site would be a comparing of two different little get downing companies that have fundamentally the same concern end. However they achieve it in two wholly different ways. From engaging patterns to the usage of the web pages, one is corporate owned one is independently owned, what makes the running of them so different.

Thomas, C. ( 2005, August 17 ) . Basic Management Skills. Retrieved from Article Alley: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.articlealley.com/article_5473_15.

htmlThis article focuses on the accomplishments of direction ; I will utilize it to compare how IGA works every bit opposed to basic direction accomplishments as a whole. The IGA Company has a great advantage and influence in the City of Sandersville, the manner they do concern has a direct affect on the economic system as a whole for the country.Corporate CultureSandersville, Georgia a little town merely west of Augusta, a little food market shop called IGA ( Independent Grocery Association ) . Is the company being run in an ethical and socially responsible manner? Does the fact that the shop is located in a town where the little food market shop is more like a vicinity corner shop. Should this be a factor in the manner this company is run or should it be run the same as the larger concatenation shop ; Publix and Winn Dixie.

This IGA has been in this town for a few old ages, before it became an IGA it as a Buy-low which closed down because it could non run the company without a net income. When it closed down the town was without a little food market shop ( Harrison, 2009 ) . When IGA foremost opened here it was as if a weight had been lifted, a batch of people here are hapless and do non hold transit to acquire to the following town to purchase moderately priced food markets. Walmart is in Sandersville, but the monetary values of their food markets seem to be really expensive.This supermarket is merely one is the concatenation of many, I focused on one shop because it would non hold been possible to go to all of them and compare them to the running of this 1.

In this little town the director travels for 1 hr each forenoon to open the shop at 7 am, he has a bookkeeper that is supposed to get at 6 am to get down screening money and acquiring the alteration order for the bank. There are 3 bookkeepers, 2 arrive on clip each forenoon one is late every forenoon. Mr. Bruce handles this by making nil.

Is that good concern direction ( Daft, 2009 ) ? What are the standards of good direction is it leting your employees to fundamentally pull off themselves. In order to be a good director you have to hold a good grip of the mundane workings of your concern. You have to be able to train and give congratulations when necessary. It is non good to get at your company each forenoon and non care about what is go oning at that place. Besides the bookkeepers there is one helper director and one warehouse director. There occupation is to run the shop when the director is non at that place.

This shop is run like any other little concern, nevertheless if you look at some other little food market shops like Publix for illustration they have a different attack to acquiring the occupation done, non merely do they merely engage a certain type of employee, the employees portion in the net income of the company. If the employees portion in the net income ( Publix Super Market, Inc, 2010 ) it makes them helps to maintain the shop clean and to assist you happen what you are looking for it is really money in their pocket. At IGA non merely is there no net income sharing there is no client service to talk of. The people in the vicinity semen to the shop because they can walk at that place. Mr. Bruce is non demoing good direction accomplishment, he is utilizing his emotions to run the company.

The concern is besides enduring because the company believes that if you have worked there a piece a direction occupation should be yours, even if you have no preparation. In this instance of IGA the helper director is being trained to run the shop by the director who does non care how the shop is run ( Bromberg, 2010 ) . The terminal consequence will be that the tendency will go on, the territory director is so busy with all the shops that he has to supervise that he does non see the jobs that are traveling on in this peculiar shop.The hapless direction accomplishments are non the lone job with this shop there are the jobs of ethical issues intending non all employees are treated reasonably. The director gives penchant to certain employees, the caput bookkeeper is late each forenoon and is non disciplined, and she is besides stealing from the company.

The attitude around the shop is if he says nil to her so he should non state anything to me. This attitude is doing for the employees to hold unethical behaviour ; they steal and do non take the client in as the back bone of the shop. If the employees do non care, and the director does non care who does?On several occasions money has come up losing and no account has been given, one immature lady lost her occupation because the caput bookkeeper doctored the sedimentations and took the money. The bookkeeper non being ethical has given the tellers the attitude of `` I have to watch my money I can non swear her to number it for me '' .

All these distractions are doing it harder for the company to thrive and do a sensible net income ( Bromberg, 2010 ) . Every employee is busy seeking to protect themselves because at any minute they can be terminated over something that was non moderately researched.Once the company lost the regard of the employees the inundation gates unfastened for other mistakes. Lack of enterprise, enthusiasm, and trueness, employees begin to voice their displeasure which in bend makes for clients non desiring to shop at that place. Each employee has an duty to guarantee that the company runs swimmingly, right along with the director.