This tutorial letter should be read in conjunction with the my Studies @ Unions brochure.

As the honors subjects are offered online, it is absolutely essential that you register for and use unmanly (see the my Studies @ unions brochure for details) as well as registering for your melee email address, as this will give you direct access you to perform tasks such as updating your personal information, submitting assignments, confirming receipt of assignments, obtaining assignment marks, obtaining examination time tables and results, Joining online discussion forums and many more.Dear Contemporary Marketing Issues Student We are pleased to welcome you to this subject (MINIMUM - Contemporary Marketing Issues) in the B Com Honors degree and hope that you will find it both interesting and rewarding. We shall do our best to make your study of this subject successful. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester and resolve to do the assignment(s) properly.

You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the year. A tutorial letter is our way of communicating with you about teaching, learning and assessment.Tutorial Letter 101 - this tutorial letter - contains important information about the scheme of work, resources and assignments for this subject. We urge you to read it carefully and to keep it at hand when working through the study material, preparing the assignment(s), preparing for the examination and addressing questions to your lecturers. You will also receive TTL 301 BECKON/2014 at the start of your year.

Please TITLE in combination with this Tutorial Letter 101 as it gives you an idea of generally important information when studying at a distance and within a particular College.In Tutorial Letter 101, you will find the assignments and assessment criteria as well s instructions on the preparation and submission of the assignments. This tutorial letter also provides all the information you need with regard to the prescribed study material and other resources and how to obtain it. Please study this information carefully and make sure that you obtain the prescribed material as soon as possible. We have also included certain general and administrative information about this subject.

Please study this section of the tutorial letter carefully.From the onset we would like to point out that you must read all the tutorial letters oh receive during the year immediately and carefully, as they always contain important and, sometimes, urgent information. We hope that you will enjoy this subject and wish you all the best! 2 2. 1 The purpose of the learning is to provide the student with relevant competencies (knowledge, skills, norms and values) in order to interpret and apply fundamental marketing principles within the context of contemporary issues that currently impact on the world of marketing. 2. Learning outcomes After completing this subject, you should be able to: Identify the key contemporary marketing issues that affect business today Discuss each of these marketing issues in detail, highlighting the key factors that you would need to be concerned with Explain the strategies that you would develop to address each of these issues Incorporate your marketing responses to these issues into your overall marketing plan 3 I am the lecturer for this subject and my name is Noels Bottom.

My contact details are: Address: ACH van deer Walt Building, Office number: 3-13 Tell: (012) 429 8303 Fax: (012) 429 3759 [email protected] C. AZ Please note that you should only contact me for ACADEMIC enquiries, that is, enquires about the content of the subject. Administrative enquiries concerning fees, receipt of assignments, examination dates, etc. Should be directed to the relevant administrative departments as indicated below: Communication with the administrative departments of the University If you need to contact the University about matters not related to the content of this subject, please consult the booklet my Studies @ Unions that you received with your study material.

This booklet contains information on how to contact the University. Please note that all administrative enquiries should be channeled to the correct department. The details are as follows: Student admissions and registrations Student assessment administration for assignments Student assessment administration for examination Dispatch: Study material Finance CIT (manias & melee) [email protected] AC. AZ [email protected] AC.

AZ [email protected] AC. AZ [email protected] AC.

AZ [email protected] AC. AZ [email protected] AC.

AZ Also study TTL 301 BECKON/2014 for further contact information. 4. Prescribed material for this subject Please note that there is no prescribed textbook for this subject, or any study guide. You will be required to access a number of online articles that you will be expected to dead as part of your studies.

These 'readings' will address the major topics covered in this subject. You will, however, receive a number of tutorial letters during the semester outlining the links to these readings and incorporating some additional comments as well as tasks and assignments that you need to complete. All tutorial letters will be made available to you electronically on manias.It is imperative that you visit manias as soon as possible and register with the service. Once registered, you will be able to access the next in the series of tutorial letters (TTL 102) which will outline exactly what we expect of you as well as providing you with the first of your compulsory assignments (no. 1).

4. 2 Inventory letter At the time of registration, you will receive an inventory letter that will tell you what you have received in your study package and it will also show items that are still outstanding. Check the study material that you have received against the inventory letter.You should have received all the items listed in the inventory, unless there is a statement like 'out of stock or 'not available. If any item is missing, you can the instructions on the back of the inventory letter to obtain the missing items. However, as this subject is available almost entirely online, you can access any missing study material via Malaysian - see below.

PLEASE NOTE: Your lecturers cannot help you with missing study material. Please contact the university - see Tutorial Letter 301 BECKON/2014. Receive a number of tutorial letters during the semester (Totals onwards).These tutorial letters will not necessarily be available at the time of registration.

As soon as they are available, they will be accessible on Malaysian and an announcement will be placed to this effect. For information on the various student support systems and services available at Unions, please consult the BECKON tutorial letter. VERY IMPORTANT: MILLIE E-MAIL ADDRESS Irrespective of whatever e-mail address you provided Unions upon registration, Unions will ONLY communicate with you using the Millie e-mail address which is based on your student number.This email address remains with you for life.

You MUST use this email address to view any correspondence from Unions, otherwise you will NOT receive any communication from Unions. To register for the Millie email account, visit this web page: http://Millie. NASA. AC. AZ 5.

1 manias Honors students are expected to have access to the internet and the web. All your tutorial letters and related materials and communications, will be made available to you via manias. Unions does make computers available to students at the main campus and at branches.The manias learning management system is Unison's online campus that will help you to communicate with your lecturers, with other students and with the administrative departments of Unions - all through the computer and the web. 4 TO REITERATE: We use manias to communicate with our students, so it is advisable that you sister with this service as quickly as possible and visit manias regularly to keep abreast of new developments or changes. Think about checking manias for any communication from the lecturer/Department before contacting us telepathically, as your query may already have been answered on manias.

To go to the manias website, start at the main Unions website, http:// womanish. AC. AZ, and then click on the "Login to manias" link on the right-hand side of the screen. This should take you to the manias website. You can also go there directly by typing in http://my. unions.

AC. AZ. If you should need to replace any of your study material, you can access this study material on manias. 6 to study and when.

7 7. 1 Assignments and learning Assignments are seen as part of the learning material for this subject.The assignments are provided at the end of the document as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 - more information on these assignments will be provided in subsequent tutorial letters. At an honors level, we expect you to do a lot more additional reading and research, beyond the basic readings that we have identified for you or that we require you to source on your own. Paying attention to the assessment criteria for each assignment will help you to understand what is required of you more clearly - it will be sent to you in a subsequent TTL.

General remarks PLEASE NOTE: Enquiries about assignments (for example, whether or not the University has received your assignment or the date on which an assignment was returned to you) must be addressed to the assignment section at [email protected] AC. AZ. You might also find information on manias. Do NOT contact lecturers regarding administrative issues to do with your assignments. SAVE YOUR ASSIGNMENT IN PDF FORMAT! You must submit written assignments electronically via manias and in PDF format.

No assignments will be accepted via fax or email. To submit an assignment via manias: Go to manias. Log in with your student number and password. Select the subject.

Click on assignments in the left-hand menu. Click on the assignment number you want to submit. Follow the instructions on the screen. Compulsory assignments There are TWO compulsory assignments for this subject, both which are in the form of an essay question that you need to complete (the question may have one or more bisections). There are non-negotiable submission deadlines for each of these two assignments and you must submit the first of these assignments if you wish to gain entry to the examination!However, both marks from the two assignments will only that mark will count.

7. 2 Submission dates The submission dates for the assignments are: Assignment 7. 3 Due date 16 April 2014 22 August 2014 Unique number 767836 848552 Year marks Your year mark, based on the mark obtained for the two compulsory assignments, contributes 20% towards your final mark, while your examination mark contributes 80%. The combined average of your year mark and examination mark must be 50% or higher for you to pass the subject.However, you must obtain a minimum of 40% in the examination, regardless of your year mark.

If you obtain less than 40% in the examination your year mark will not be taken into account and you will fail. For example: Assignment mark 01 = Assignment mark 02 = 80% Average mark = (60% + / 2) 30% of the assignment mark = 21% Examination mark = 50% 70% of the examination mark = 35% Final mark = (30% assignment mark) + (70% examination mark) You will need a mark of at least 45% to qualify for a supplementary examination. Refer to your 301 tutorial letter for more information.Submission rule: Irrespective of the year mark obtained, a submission of 40% must be obtained in the examination.

In line with the Unions assessment policy, your year marks will NOT be taken into account if you obtain less than 40% in the examination. In such an event the mark obtained in the examination will be the final mark. You will therefore not pass a subject if your examination mark is less than 40%. Assignment queries Enquiries about the receipt of assignments or assignment marks may be directed to he Directorate of Student Assessment Administration (see the my Studies @ Unions brochure for details). For general information and requirements as far as examinations are concerned, see the brochure My studies @ Unions which you received with your study material.

8. 1 Examination admission Examination admission will be granted to all students who submit the first compulsory assignment. Students who do not submit the assignment will NOT be allowed to write the examination. 8. 2 Examination period This subject is offered on a year basis, which means that there is only one registration opportunity each year.The examinations will be written at the end of the year (note - you will submit your examination answers as assignment 3 on 19 January 2015).

You will receive more information regarding the examination later. 8. 3 Previous examination papers Given that the exam is in the form of a home-based project, no previous examinations are available for this module. We hope that you will enjoy this subject. We believe it to be a very useful and practical subject. Remember that the subject requires you to work at your studies - the more you do, the more you will get out of your studies.

Do not hesitate to contact e if you encounter any academic queries or problems in your studies. We wish you success with your studies. Kind regards Centre for Business Management UNIONS 7 In your undergraduate studies, you will have addressed many different marketing topics, such as the marketing concept, the marketing mix, marketing research, customer behavior, public relations, integrated marketing communications, marketing strategy and much more. In this subject, you will be introduced to selected contemporary issues that you, as a marketer, will need to deal with and that may impact on your firm's marketing efforts directly.

These are current issues that may change from time to time, even from year to year. As an example, green marketing - which, according to the American Marketing Association, is the marketing of products that are environmentally safe - is one such contemporary issue. In the past firms have produced products without much care for the environment, but today, consumers are not willing to buy products that are harmful to the environment and this groundswell of environmentally-sensitive consumerism is growing. Companies therefore have to take this issue into consideration and decide how they will adapt to green marketing.

They may use safer raw materials, use less energy, use bio- degradable packaging and more. Your assignment is to research, using the web and other sources such as magazine articles, what other contemporary issues (besides for green marketing) may impact on the marketing efforts or firms today. Before we introduce you to the marketing issues we think are important, we first want you to indicate what issues you have found to be important - remember, this is an honors subject and we expected independent input from you.