Computers Are Everywhere 3}' Helene 'Computers are almost everywhere, and they affect most walks of life-business, ? Education, government, the military, hobbies, shopping, research, and so on. What aspects of your life can you think of that still seem relatively unaffected by computers and technology? Is this a good thing or a bad thing, and is it likely to last? What aspects of your life have been made the most conspicuously affected by :genealogy? Has anything been made worse or harder in your life by the advance of :amputees?What about things that have been made better or easier? " Please make ;ere to incorporate in your discussion the use of technology in various careers.

How :could you use computers and technology to advance your own career? Computers eave become a major role in every aspect of my daily life. I know I turn to my laptop, pad, and phone for answers all day. As soon as I wake up I check the weather on my 'hone to decide on what wear and how to dress my son for school. My drive in the :ar involves streaming music through Pandora using my phone.If I drive to an area I m unfamiliar with I use my phone to navigate my way. I pay personal and work bills :wrought online banking.

With the advancement in social media, yelp reviews have 'laded a factor in how I manage my business. I read reviews customers post online about the salon and use the feedback as training points on things going well or :wings the salon may need to work on. I manage a nail salon and I use the computer do payroll. My parent's are old fashion and still use a composition note book and -Euler to do their payroll for the other salons in our family business.

Their method has Nortek for them for over 30 years. Recently I have taught them how excel can make :he payroll process much faster and easy to keep track of, but they are very hesitant making changes to the advance technology. My parent's have fear of files being cost or even hacked. Fortunately, we are all able to further our education through the Sis of computers and online classes. It's made school convenient. We have the )opportunity to study at any given time, while still working and raising families without he burden of being in a classroom environment on campus.

With the many benefits :amputees add to our everyday life there are negative factors that come into play. I Mind myself dependent on being connected to computers. For example, if my phone sizes I do not have anyone's phone numbers memorized to be able to communicate ? Even through land line. During family time I find my 3 year old son constantly Anatine to watch Nettling on my cell phone or 'pad.

My husband and I have to tell him go play with his toys. I did not even know how to work a computer until I was in diddle school and my 3 year old son can.Technology and computers allows anyone research different locations and then book travel plans all online. With the aid of :he internet it's made it hard to be a travel agent. Many consumers choose to shop )inline now instead of shopping in malls since items can be found cheaper without В±Even leaving your home.

Furthermore I think the advancement of technology and :amputees will only make life easier for the future. It will allow us to do daily task :aster and use our time more efficient.