Explain each of the following computers and identify its application area a. Microcomputers b. Minicomputers c.

Supercomputers d. Laptop computers Assume that you planning to purchase a personal computer at home with multimedia and Internet facilities, a. Identify the peripherals used for input, processing, output, storage and connections to set up such system. b.List five possible questions that you make ask a salesperson before purchasing any computer system.

c. List five software applications that you need to install in your new computer system to do common tasks. d. Arrange the following memory and storage from the most expensive to the least expensive.

Mass storage, CD ROM, Floppy disk, Hard Disk, RAM Explain the term Computer System What are the components of a computer a. Identify all the components of a computer system b. Briefly explain the purpose of five component. Write a list of ten considerations for a. Purchasing a printer b. Maintaining a personal computer c.

Purchasing a laptop computer c Word Count: 162