One of Greengage's most flourishing products Is the solar powered watch. This memo will address the three types of costs associated with the solar powered attach when quality considerations are made. The first suggestion in prevention cost Is to add automation to the production line In order to streamline processes. This will help Greenness In producing high quality products with precision and will ensure that mostly all defects will be eliminated.The second recommendation is to appraise the effectiveness of our shipping and handling departments to ensure that most of our products are not being damaged when being transported from our warehouse to our consumers. The final recommendation will be to create a software aerogram that will help with failure costs associated with faulty programming in the watch that causes malfunction thus Increasing cost for our company.

As of today, Greenish has actual human hands assembly our brand of highly successful watches In the warehouse on a dally basis.This has always been a mainstay In our company as far as production Is concerned and has been so for many years, but not with some issues. Due to the fact that humans are inherently flawed and make mistakes from time to time, the quality of the product is not up to pacification and upper management has concern that massive amounts of final products are not being assembled based on the specifications set forth by Greenish.Prevention cost is one way that management can aid in making the production process more efficient and preventing these defects from happening in the beginning states of production. Adding robotic machines and technology to the production line, our company can prevent quality cost from rising.

This type of computerized technology can help streamline the process of creating these watches ND will eliminate most of the errors that are created by humans with precision that is unprecedented. The tradeoffs would be that this technology is not inexpensive. It Is In fact very expensive and will cost this company a large amount of money. The other side of this trade off is that the company will need not worry about defective products as this automated assembly has excellent precision and will be assembled with little to no defects. The other trade off will be the fact that employees will lose their Jobs at the hands of this new technology as their Jobs will become obsolete cause of this new robotic technology.

Greenness currently Is dealing with a large amount of damaged products that are being returned to them by vendors and 1 OFF to examine our products as they arrive at the vendors will help us determine the appropriate packing requirements for the solar powered watch Our company can eliminate this by adding inspection specialists in the field that will allow for inspection of the products when they arrive to the vendor to ensure that quality is still intact when they arrive. These specialists will also help determine the appropriate casing and packing for our shipments to ensure the utmost quality and eliminate transportation issues.This appraisal approach will give the final recommendations and requirements for safe delivery and will make the overall process of packing and shipping Greenish products more efficient. .

The tradeoff of this appraisal approach is that extra labor that will have to be implemented. Greenish will have to hire new personnel and equip with the knowledge of our quality assurance standards as well and the cost of the new materials that will be added in order to make sure that our products are safely and successfully reaching our vendors and customers.And at the end, the overall effect will be satisfied vendors as well as customer satisfaction, which is the main goal of our company. Greenish receives almost on a daily basis customers wanting to invoke their warranty agreements due to the fact that our software in the computer will malfunction.

This makes for unhappy vendors as well as customers and will ultimately cause a loss in repeat customers and new customers due to this failure of equipment. Failure cost is when a product fails to conform to its design specifications.To avoid this failure cost, our company needs to create a software update that is sent to the watch that is able to update the software making the watch more efficient. We will also make this software update downloaded and easy to install so customers can make the necessary updates do their watches to ensure they are functioning properly. This application will allow the consumer to automatically make the necessary updates to the product without executing their warranty or turning the product.

The tradeoff will be the money and time that is spent on developing all these updates and also informing previous buyers and new customers of the new software updates for their watches. The advantage is that there will be less warranty requests and returns to our processing center and will decrease the amount of claims on defective products. This will also save our company more money because there will be no reason to fix defective watches because the updates will provide the necessary software to keep these watches fully functional at all times.