Introduction In modern society, technology is seen as a catalyst for developing in various fields, including education. However, the slow development speed of education-related products and systems block the improvement of education. Therefore, this report will present an exhibition proposal of environmentally-friendly and high technological products and systems which support daily education based on numerous researches through websites, books and surveys. With the theme of 'Green and Convenience', the exhibition reveals a concept that technology enables increasing convenience in education field and protecting environment simultaneously.

This report will be divided into four chapters, which are the proposal of the exhibition, promotion, feedback collection and reflection. The proposal will introduce nine exhibition sections for displaying high-tech products and an experience zone for holding activities. Then, promotion procedure applied web 2. 0 and social media will be covered in the report.

Besides, the report will also introduce feedbacks collection through electronic mails (e-mails), the official website with software named Queue and an interactive education system.Finally, some introspection will be posted in reflection chapter, and appendixes will also provide some relevant information. 2. Proposal 2. 1 Displays 2.

AD The exhibition will be held in a mom X mom exhibition room, which will be divided into eight parts as shown below. Section A, B, C, H and I will display slightly improved education facilities; section E, F, G will present cutting-edge educated-related products; and section D is an experience zone to hold activities for visitors to understand exhibits better. Section A The main product introduced in section A is Epsom ELAPSED document camera, which is a new visual presenter to transmit information such as material objects and pictures into visual signals and present them on monitors with the help of projectors. Comparing with the ordinary document cameras, the most outstanding characters of this eely-invented Epsom ELAPSED document camera are the convenience it may bring to education and its environmentally-friendly performance.

The education-related outstanding functions of this product can be illustrated in various ways.Firstly, this document camera is lightweight and portable. It weighs only 0. Egg and with a size of 260 x 76 x mom, which is only the size of an ordinary writing board (Admit, 2010).

Secondly, the product is equipped with one single USB cable, leaving out the inconvenience of carrying various wires such as power lines, data lines as the common document camera does. Thirdly, it is an energy-effective product whose power consumption is 2. 5 watts, which is even less than the common power consumption of a light (Sol, 2010).Ultimately, the core of 6 the document camera, COSMOS sensor, as the significant link to transmit the information of real objects to visual signals, has a high pixel of 1. Million, which ensures the quality of pictures taken (ibid). Section B Considering the complexity of products displayed in exhibition and the applications utilized in the activities carried out in Section D, there is a showing shelf in section B with product instruction books and exhibition information booklets.

The specifications are presented here for the purpose of deepen visitors' comprehension of the exhibited products.In addition, for the convenience for foreign students who may study in the university, the information booklet will be printed with various languages. Owing to the information books placed here, language difference can be remitted so that the influence of the exhibition can be expanded. Section C Section C mainly focuses on the 'Green' notion in the exhibition. It is generally accepted that keyboard and mouse are two important components of computer and are widely used in the campus.

At present, most of keyboards and mice are made of plastic.However, discarded keyboard and mouse made by plastic cannot be decomposed easily by nature and have a residence time of hundreds of years within the terrestrial environment, which causes serious damage on the environment. However, bamboo-made keyboard and mouse may solve this problem. It is generally accepted that bamboo-made keyboard and mouse are green recyclable products that will not cause pollution to the ecological environment when they are discarded. Moreover, bamboo is a high growth rate plant which can grow about 30 m per day, thus it avoids bamboo resources scarcity.

Section D 7 Section D at the back of the exhibition room is an experience zone. The main purpose of this section is to deepen visitors' comprehension of the outstanding technologies and the advanced teaching ideas. Various activities will be carried out here during the exhibition, which will be further explained in the following 'Activity Section'. The instruments and education system applied here during the whole three months are Panasonic interactive white board, an IBM computer, Interactive connecting system-? Policy VS. 8000 and TOP Multimedia interactive teaching system.

Panasonic interactive whiteboard is a high-tech product, enabling the efficient interactions between tutors and students with the realization of the teaching materials' instant change. In addition, the interactive blackboard is an environment friendly instrument, since it realizes the whiteboard-writing without chalks or disposable pens. The IBM computer placed here is connected to students' computers and then control students' computers to demonstrate the use of the interactive connecting systems--policy VS. 8000 system.

In details, after the subsidiary computers controlled by the central computer, with the support of this system, constant interactions between the teachers and the students can be more efficient and frequent. Furthermore, it provides a platform for students to share uploaded learning materials, which not only allows the communication between teachers and students to be more convenient but further contribute to better interactions among students. Another system, TOP Multimedia interactive teaching system is also able to support the interactions between teachers and students.The instruments of this system include teachers' remote controls, students' remote controls and receivers which emphasize on contributing the feedback collection process. With the support of these implements, students can express opinions through their own remote controls and the information can be sent to teachers consistently (Voss, 2011).

The system significantly simplifies voting process and benefits feedback collection. The most important thing is that students can put forward questions at any time during the class through the system without disruption the teaching and teachers can hose suitable questions to answer. Section E Section E is proposed to display the tablet PC 'Kindle Fire' released by Amazon. Com. Kindle Fire could be widely applied among the process of lectures, seminars, communications, research and collaborations.

In addition, it could also decrease pollution and unnecessary waste of natural resources. Based on Amazon. Com website, the world biggest manufacture of cloud storage service, Kindle Fire owns free storage of Amazon content which means it is able to access to millions of books, enabling students' scope of research extended (Amazon, 2011).Furthermore, the feature of free access to enormous electric books makes it possesses the potential to replace textbooks and exercise books used at present, making the material updating and correction more easily. What's more, this product is equipped with WI-IF, and the length is only 7 inches which demonstrates its light-weighted and portable advantage, making e- mails more accessible and further facilitating communications and collaborations between people (ibid).

Apart from convenience, it also plays an important role in environmental protection.According to a report from General Administration of Press ND Publication of the People's Republic of China, in 2005, all publications in China consumed 5. 2445 million tons of papers and 1 1. 38% of them are textbooks, which means more than 9 million trees were cut. In other words, textbooks cost a huge waste and result in serious damage on environment.

Comparatively, table PC like Kindle Fire equipped with variable online e-books could protect the environment to a great degree, which reflects the environment protection concept of the exhibition.Section F Section F is going to exhibit a cutting-edge technology Sixteenths, which is designed ND implemented by Prang Misery. Sixteenths equips with a portable camera and a battery-powered projection system with a little mirror. These hardware components 9 are coupled in wearable device such as mobile phones, and utilize the internet of device as a database; besides, the software program use computer-vision techniques to track the locations of the colored markers, or visual tracking fiducially, at the user's fingers (Mass and Misery, 2009).

Hence, the system could track user's four fingers and recognize gestures. In addition, it allows experiences to use their fingers to interact with the information projected on any front surface. Sixteenths could be widely exploited in teaching and learning, for example, it assists students to make the best choice among a mass of books. As Misery (2009) shows, when a student picks up a book, the software program can recognize book title via colored markers and provide information like reader comments about this book, and he might find a professionally extra annotation when turning to a specific page.Meanwhile, Sixteenths can assist staff to search information and present teaching materials freely without the limited screen. Section G Section G will display Bluetooth microphone and Waco Inkling.

Bluetooth microphone is a newly-invented microphone which perfectly integrates wireless microphone, laser pointer and wireless page-turner together. By combining these instruments together, Bluetooth microphone enables teachers to have more body languages without restraint.Moreover, Bluetooth microphone has a long transmission range which is between mom-mom indoors and around mom outdoors with high-quality sound as well as high sensitivity (Haggish, 2011). In addition, a receiver like Sony ECMA-HOW is required when using Bluetooth microphone. Teachers need to bring Bluetooth microphone to the teaching room and make sure the product 10 is automatically on frequency to the receiver. Another product, Waco Inkling, is a digital pen including a pen and a wireless receiver that can capture and store digital draft.

The pen use pressure sensor technology and can recognize 1,024 different levels of sensitivity (Hashing, 2011), and the stress level will be captured by the wireless receiver nearby and accurately translated into the digital copy. Users can connect the receiver to computers through USB interfaces and translate the digital copy to computers. Later, after exported to applications such as [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected], the copy can be edited according to the desire of users, which is helpful for students to reduce the time of typing written notes and other information into the computer.It obviously brings considerable convenience to tutors' and students' designing works. Works can be edited much more efficiently with the digital copy. Section H Section H is expected to leave a deep impression on visitors through their own operation.

The product exhibited here are four Brutishness surrounded by a big and transparent Digital Signage broadcasting. Printers is a hand-held printer which is different from tradition printers, making the printing Jobs more convenient and efficient. Comparing with traditional ones, one advantage of the product is the small size.The traditional printers are bulky and occupy large spaces which are only available in computer rooms or libraries. However, Printers is a brand-new printer with the length of a normal ballpoint pen while the width and height are equivalent to the width of a normal phone.

The total volume of it is less than 300 c. C. And it only weights around 350 grams (Print Dream, 2011). Another convenience is that the pictures, internet content and other teaching materials can be downloaded to Printers from computers and smart phone through a Bluetooth or wireless link instead of connecting to the computers.

Furthermore, the most 11 significant advantage is that students no longer have to wait for printing in computer rooms or libraries. Printers can be manual operated by sweeping it across any type of printed materials. The device takes into account all thinkable parameters of the hand movement, including rotation and sudden changes of speed and acceleration (21st Century, 2011). The printing process can be achieved in only a few minutes, no matter what the types of print materials and location.Section I The Digital Signage Broadcasting exhibited in section I which named Awake Intelligent Digital Signage, is designed to show how digital signage technology can enhance the education experience on campus. The Digital Signage Broadcasting has two screens.

The, the screen on the left side is equipped with multi-touch which can transmit pictures, videos, advertisements to various previously-established terminals like touch screen and multi-user interface through the internet (Andrea, 2009).In details, the screen on the left side is equipped with a whopping 7-foot-6-inch LCD display and holographic glass which could eventually revolutionize the way people interact with digital signage technology in the university. Instead of current touch screen displays that cater to only one user at a time, several students and staff are able to use this side- by-side window network display simultaneously in different ways, such as exploring and selecting individual courses, submitting feedbacks on modules, reading students' reviews, viewing past attending records and checking campus maps.While in the eight side, there is a media platform which is able to share news and stories through playing videos or pictures among students.

Apart from that, information publishers in the campus may adapt the more attractive method to getting their promotional messages. For instance, the latest lectures' information and the dynamics 12 of the campus learning can be presented here. 2. 2 Activity With the help of the instruments installed in section D, various activities will be carried out during the exhibition in the forms of seminars, lectures and one design competition.These activities aim at providing visitors with intentional experience of he green and convenient technologies, getting feedbacks from visitors and also expanding the influence of the exhibition. 2.

2. 1 Activity one: Seminars 2. 2. 1 Activity memoirs Section B shows some instruction books of cutting-edge applications, which have been launched but still unavailable in market.

They will be introduced in the form of information session in the experience zone. Each session will introduce one application or an advanced technology which is convenient for teaching and learning, and all students, academic staff and administrators are welcome.First information session Light Touch is the first product will be presented in this information session. It is an interactive projector that can transform any flat surface into a touch screen.

Equipped with integrated infrared sensors and Holographic Laser Projection (HELP) technology, this product supports multi-touch technology and is able to create bright, high-quality video images as well (Optics, 2010). Light Touch realizes the extremely convenient teaching or learning experience anywhere. Second information session In the second session, Kinetic for Oxbow 360 will be introduced.Kinetic is a motion ensign input device, which is exploited by Microsoft for Oxbow 360 video-game console at present. It enables users to control and interact with the Oxbow 360 through gestures and spoken commands without touch. According to Microsoft (201 1), it 13 attempts to issue more applications used for education in 2012.

Based on the conception of company, this session will brief demonstrate the functions of Kinetic in the education field in the future, such as magnify details of micrograms through teachers' gesture to reinforce understanding, especially in biology and architecture.Third information session During the studying process in university, discussion and meeting recording are ubiquitous when students are doing their coursework. The third information session will present one product, Minutes 10, which can offer meeting note taking and files sharing applications. This application works with keyboard navigation and equipped with smart data entry capabilities which enable users to take notes both online and offline.

Besides, notes could be sent to all attendees or published using secret URL generated by this application.