The importance of having a solid foundation on which to build their equines; while at the same time maintaining a code of ethics based on their views of how security Is implemented in a global level.

Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Based on the scenario provided on the original assignment, intellectual property plays a very important role to the topic statement. In incorporating from the web resources Computer Crime & Intellectual Property (CHIPS) is a government agency responsible in handling computer crimes and issues arising from the theft of copyrighted, patented and trademark assignments. CHIPS, n. D.

). Scenario being applied: "After several minutes, I was able to by pass several protocols and capture the data Billy wanted. After decrypting the Information which took several hours I went ahead and duplicated the same information to this network". What actions could lead to Billy's inappropriate intrusion to a competitors network and taking classified information for business purposes? Billy action could lead to intellectual property theft as well as well as possible arrest for the forceful taking of intellectual property Information for competitions, money, or Just causing harm.The wealth of Information pertaining to these actions could be complex In Investigation, which should lead to additional information from each of the business causing and suffering from the damages. Activities that are executed investigated and eventually enforce by local law.

Developing and Connecting Cyber Security Leaders Globally information to those pursuing a career in the field. With a primary goal in promoting the practice that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources. (ASSAI, n. D. Billy's contractual employee performed the specific task asked by his employees.

Once the copied information was set up I made sure to switch the names and the identification to an anonymous one. " Being the topic of ethic a very important point in the scenario, ASSAI also comes to play in deeply analyzing and exploring how members of an organization with a code of honor would perform while at the same time representing themselves. The practice of cyber security leadership should be promoted at a high standard, within confidentiality towards its customers and the task being promoted to achieve.Billy had a duty and responsible towards his business and for which he decided to venture into cyber security in, breaching the competitor's line of access.

Activities leading a poor leadership approach and which could be enforced at a later date by law. In addition, in further discussing the topic of ethics and security in today's business technology, the encyclopedia of information in security and ethic came with much useful information. The author discusses the major issue and threat that have increased and seeing in academic research.While thoroughly studying and learning the issues that have been presented since the early days of computing. At the same time being aware of how small business and enterprises defend their computer environments from attacker modern dependency upon information technology.

Compromising the availability, integrity in relation to these systems. Having a dramatic consequence from a societal perspective (M. Squiggle, 2008). To which extent this information can be applied to the case and on which category this cyber users are really being identify as such, is up to the reader to come to it's own conclusions.Corporation as well as personal users, law enforcers and government agencies give way and support much of this activities in making our life's and theirs more "enjoyable". In returning to the topic statement and the scenario; Billy's actions easily falls under some of this terms, as they have come to be known in cyber space.

Being part of a code of honor, the technician should have been aware of the work being performed and the implications that should arise from the actions taken.The United States National Commission Focusing on formulating policies and guidelines in the use of technology; the National Commission provides plenty of information on the electronic commerce and how databases are used in the storing of information. The resource provided by the INCISE, elaborates in the many different issues the American people live within the technology fields before and after the September 12 terrorist attack. The scenario studies the many topics analyzed on this paper and even further. How will the damage party move forward after the breach?This would have to be studied in another paper.

But the amount of information available at this moment would be while at the same time applying them to the scenario. Conclusion In conclusion the advisory guideline addressees equal access concerning the vision and hearing of government information and security (INCISE, 2004), while at the AMA time the many government agencies that could handle the scenario would need to be involved. As a final step, for these two parties in delegating their breach and their solution.