Computer adulation, our world Is surrounded by technology and we use technology to almost everything, our world has gotten so used to technology around us we cannot imagine a life with it, though it can come handy it still has its negative effects. Computer addiction is common nowadays because we can imagine living a life without technology, we use computers for almost everything. Parents usually buy their kids computer to study but teenagers often find a way to use the computers to chat,play games,chat with friends and then they get addicted before they know t. Sing the computer too much can have a negative effect on your health.

Social life, but can also help you with your business.. Many teenagers who sit inferno of the computer don't realist It has a negative Impact on our health. Computer gaming addiction Is very common around teenagers, they spend many hours playing games. Health effect: Spending a lot on the computer can cause physical effects, the person Is likely to experience eye and back strain. Long term usage of the computer can cause headaches, pain in wrist that's why you should take some breaks between long term sage.

Social life: A person withdraws from friends and family as he spends more time on the computer, the person will stop going outside with his friends and miss eventually meetings with family, even if a person goes outside he will still feel like he needs to use the computer. Excessive viewing of pornography can change the persons Ideas about sexuality. Business/gaming: There are people who make a living out of Internet and some has become very popular on the net. There are incredibly many jobs around technology, as the technology expands there will be more jobs.There is professional gamers that need to use the computer for many hours of practicing since there are game tournaments that got big prize pools.

There are also jobs that requires a lot of computer work and that can cause a person to get computer addiction. People that are Youth's earn a lot of money since they get a lot of views on their videos, but it takes a lot of hours editing videos depending on what they are publishing, it can take several days even months. Conclusion: Computer addiction can give you physical health problems such as eyestrain and backstairs.