We denote 793 stores in Canada as of December 2009 and 40. 6% of those stores are located in Ontario. Rivalry is moderate amongst different competitor in the market , as most of them are big and diversified companies who do not rely on the luggage market, Just like Canada Goose. The market is highly fragmented with a large array of competitors , varying from big retail department stores to highly niched retailers. Less diverse retailers face greater competition to obtain and retain buyers compared to larger companies. The competition is eased by the fact that the market is growing , so that a company can grow its sales and revenues without affecting the overall market share proportions. All this makes the degree of rivalry moderate in this market. Direct competitors (Manufacturers & their brands) (Specific market shares of direct competitors) Samsonite , Mulholland , Hartmann Brothers and Tumi , Louis Vuitton. Indirect Competitors The first major indirect competitor is the Japanese multinational AEON Co ltd. Aeon* is a retailing group of 169 companies operating lifestyle-enhancing retail and a variety of other services, from general merchandise stores and supermarkets, to fashion-conscious specialty stores, ? nancial services and amusement facilities. Their luggage brands are . The second major competitor is the Hudson bay company. The Hudson's Bay Company is the oldest commercial corporation in North America and one of the oldest in the world. Their luggage brands include Stuff by Hillary Duff , Sportek and Fields. Finally we have Aldo Group , a company created . Its main luggage brands are Aldo accessories and Spring. Appendix 1: Statistics Canada, Canadian Business Patterns Database, December 2009.