information became reluctant to invest in Commonwealth yielding a drop in the stock price.

Additionally, the Big Four banks in Australian all suffered a loss in stock price. Commonwealth's share price decreased most significantly by $1. 27 to $35. 47. The share prices for National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ went down by $ 54c, 40c and 34c respectively. This phenomenon is known as the information transfer (Forster, 1981) in which, provided the equity market is efficient, the earnings forecast for a particular organization tends to cause the positively correlated movement of share rice for other organizations in the same industry.

In the article in focus, the adverse earnings forecast for Commonwealth resulted in the decrease in its share price. In addition to that, such impact was magnified into the banking sector in general, manifested by the corresponding decrease in the share prices of other banks as well. outer nature (money, faith, popularity, etc. ). The way ahead - is through active outside intervention. "Happiness lies in virtuous activity, and perfect happiness lies in the best activity, which is contemplative.

- Aristotle Individualism / Collectivism A human being is an integral part of the universe and the society.People are fundamentally connected and duty towards all others is a very serious matter. Collectivism is stronger. A human being has an individualistic nature, is an independent part of the universe and the society. Individualism is stronger.

Improvement / Evolution Cyclic development, thus improvement has no limits and is an ultimate goal. Linear development, thus improvement has a goal. The development stops when the goal is reached. Radical Innovation / Revolution The undamentals of the status quo should not be questioned. The culture of considering and introducing radical changes is weaker.

The fundamentals of the status quo can - and often should - be questioned. The culture of considering and introducing radical changes is stronger. Passion & Venturing Entrepreneurial creativity and venturing is contained by the habit to control one's passions. "Desires are the cause of suffering. If desire, which lies at the route of all human passion, can be removed, then passion will die out and all human suffering will be ended.

" - Buddhism "Vain ndeed is all overweening pride in the conquest even of the entire universe if one has not conquered one's own passions. - Sri Aurobindo Entrepreneurial venturing is encouraged emotionally. "Nothing is ever achieved by reasonable men. " - J Fred Bucy of Texas Instruments "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm..

. Always do what you are afraid to do.