Per se is an international hospitality industry with close to 1000 workers. The restaurant is situated on 10th Columbus circle in New York. A retired French Chef, Thomas Keller, owns it.

The restaurant serves different delicious food, wines and cuisines to hundreds of thousands of people from different regions across the globe. The restaurant is also ranked among the best 10 hotels in New York for cheaper meals at a non-compromised quality and ever-attentive servers. On the other hand, Alinea restaurant is in Chicago and it is among the world leading hotels. Its owner is yet another chef, Achatz Grant. The restaurant food is designed using foams, powders concentrations and gels.

Alinea also offers efficiently modern interior catering. It serves multinationals from different regions in the world. The restaurant is doing well and has a rate of 4.5 star hotels.

Its owner has other branches across United States of America. The basic reason to why I prefer working in Per Se is its location. The hotel is located in New York City the land of peace, security and leisure. The city has dozen of opportunities including Business, education and leisure.

It serves thousands of people in a day. The owner has other stings of hotel. It has a rate of 3.2 star hotels.

Therefore, having passion to meet new people from the other parts of the world and working in an environment full of such people makes the work more interesting and passionate.Moreover, one may prefer working in both Per Se in New York City and Alinea restaurant in Chicago because of the rewards. Both institutions offer good monetary rewards to its workers. The work demands that one should be on their toes serving customers.

However, the rewards of giving such services are good. In Per Se, the restaurant pays its workers as thrice as the salaries of the workers in the publishing industry per month. These institutions also pay for its workers vacations. The Per Se restaurant also appreciates its workers greatly through promotion on merit and services offered. Furthermore, the working conditions are good and workers friendly depending on workers attitude in these two restaurants. The institutions not only recruit staff in large scale basis and in a transparent manner.

The recruitment system includes advertising phone and faces to face interviews. The recruits then go through the in house training to standardize the quality of their services and to learn thee organizational culture. The Alinea restaurant allows its staff to pursue further studies and upon their return, the management promotes them to senior positions in the organization. Similarly, Per Se promotes its staff on depending on levels of knowledge, skills and competence at work. I also have the passion of working in the restaurants. I love cooking and serving people on different delicacies.

Therefore, when I secure a job in one of these restaurants, it will be a dream comes true. I will be working home where my heart is and when I have the right passions. This is very special because it will be the beginning of dedication and performance.The other reason to prefer to work in this industry is because of job security. Both Per Se and Alinea restaurant are performing restaurants in their respective towns. The two restaurants make millions of dollars on yearly basis.

The economies of these institutions are far beyond failure and the owners reap maximum profits on every financial year. Therefore, the closure due to bankruptcy is not possible. This means that the jobs will still be on for years. Consequently, I will have my job as long as I work hard. It is for those reasons that I opt to work in those two firms in the hospitality industry.