Mobile phones have seen a huge advancement, in the past seven years, up till then most phones didn't have Internet connection, except phones that were very expensive, but now o can watch videos, download music, play games and connect to internet on nearly all mobile phones available to buy. Social networking sites such as Faceable, my space and twitter allow people to expand their network of friends via the Internet.

People can display information about themselves and up date this information via newsfeed.Blobbing' has become increasingly popular in the past three years and allows the 'flogger' to update and share his/her opinions on certain subjects. There are advantages and disadvantages to Communication Technology, as we become more advanced in this field the more dependent we become on it for our very day existence. Elf your computer crashes or the internet is unavailable we become irritable and Impatient, woebegone less self-relent and more distant from others.

I know that my 14 year old daughter Is completely reliant on her 'phone and ;pad, If I suggest that she leaves her Phone or Pad off for an hour or so she becomes upset at the thought of not having her 'Lifeline' with her. These have become essential for her and her friends. These ;gadgets' are not cheap and if the latest product scant be afforded this can create problems within the family and jealousy with friends. The 'I want what she has'...

.. Syndrome. It is hard to create a balance on the time spent on computers.

Children as young as 5 or 6 have got mobile phones, most times this is to play games, but by the time they reach 9 or 10 they are probably as knowledgeable as their parents. It is frightening to think that any information true or false, can be sent to children. If they are on chat sites they might think they are talking to another child with similar interests, but this could be an adult with Intentions of getting the child to send Intimate pictures or In a worse case scenario arranging to meet up with the child. All Information we put online Is available to anyone.They has been cases reported e. G.

'Gang used social media sites to identify potential victims (Teen Prostitution 2012). There is a lot of There is a site called ASK. FM where users can ask questions and invite answers from other users on the site. The questions can be asked and answered anonymously.

The site was mentioned for spellbinding in the suicides of three Irish teenagers in 2012. The Department of Children and The Department of Communication said they are actively looking at the issue of how to police the web. The question of how online content, particularly that material published by private individuals, is governed is a very complex question, not least because of the balance HTH must be struck between the rights we all have to freedom of speech and expression and the need to protect the venerable. (Daily Mail 4th November 2014).

The biggest advantage of Communication Technology is the speed of sending information, it can be accessed by all within a company and if a decision has to be made quickly it can be.This also means that there doesn't always have to be a 'physical' presence at work as it can be done online. Business's can now target their market. Faceable 'likes' can allow for certain interests to be followed online and then a business can aim promotions at these people. In family life this can also be an advantage, if you have family living abroad you can see and speak to them immediately with the aid of some devices.

It has been stated that over a billionth messages are sent through mobile phones around the world every day (Cone, Stockades, Busby, Iverson & Grant, 2011). Many couples state the importance of reaching the partner in a emergency situation or when they are experiencing stress. Research into online gaming said that it contributes to a couples ability to fantasies n their relationship and have a better understanding of their partner (Herein, 2012).I know in my personal life I would not have had access to the educational information if it were not for the internet and when my daughter is studying for exams the availability of up to date information will be invaluable.

I think the amount we depend on and use technology is important, and that the saying 'too much of a good thing.... ' is appropriate.

Communication Technology has contributed overall too better way of life but we must keep a balance of the use of it in our everyday lives.