A communication plan is a document that describes individuals' objectives, ways on accomplishing such aims, the targeted individuals to which the information will be addressed, a working schedule of undertaking the entire task and finally the evaluation of the overall process. From this definition, communication planning is therefore an art as well as a science of accessing the target audiences using strategic channels such as advertising, use of mail and public relations. Communication planning is very important to any organization in operation.

This is because it allows its staff members to be goal oriented in their various fields of work. Further, it allows the organization to prioritize its operations and provide them with a sense of order and control. Availability of a communication plan provides the orgaization's employees with peace of mind since it discourages last minute rush in task accomplishment.Personally, I have had a good experience as an import- export officer regarding creation of a good communication plan. Possession of this document has allowed me to be focused in my entire work. Setting of priorities has been made possible by this communication plan, thus enabling me give quality services to not only my employer but also most of my clients.

Long ago before communication planning, there were frequent complaints from clients all over concerning untimely response to their needs and also the quality of services offered to them. Since this was to serve as an added advantage to our competitors, my colleagues and I sat down and saw that having a good communication plan would work effectively. Afterr carrying out consultations, we came up with a communication plan whose steps included clarification of the organization goals, knowing our audience, developing a message to convey to the audience, choosing appropriate channel of conveying the message and finally evaluating outcome of the relayed information.Executing this strategic plan generally had an objective of improving the overall day to day operations of the entire organization.

However, the plan had some setbacks such as lack of cooperation from fellow workmates, and generally the expenses which proofed to be expensive. Selection of appropriate channels meant use of extra fee to pay the advertising firms. As an officer, I learned many lessons from communication planning such as time consciousness, being focused, and delivery of quality services.