Violent Behavior Response Casie Thibeault CJS 200 November 23, 2012 University of Phoenix Violent Behavior Response In today’s society the behavior of inmates continues to get worse. Many inmates in prisons have violent behavior because they feel they have nothing to live for anymore especially when they get life in prison without parole. To many inmates they feel like it does not matter what they do because they are never going to leave prison anyway. Many prisons have gangs and when one first gets to prison they are told of all the rules that other inmates have made.

The price for breaking these rules can be anywhere from having to beat up the biggest bad guy in jail to show ones dominance to having things taken from them. Many inmates will give up their food, money and even personal items just to be accepted or to not get hurt. Violent behavior among inmates and the prison staff is also a problem. Inmates tend to have attitude towards the staff because the staff holds them responsible for their crimes and expects them to follow the prison rules.

Some inmates end up having relationships with the guards and the guards may let them do what they want as long as they get a cut of whatever the inmate may be doing illegally. Usually as long as an inmate gets their way then they will be friendly with the staff members. Many staff members treat the inmates with respect and the respect is returned. I believe if the staff treats the inmates with respect and not like scum because of their crime this also helps stop violent behavior.

Some of the strategies for responding to violent behavior are to put one who has violent behavior in solitary confinement, adding more time to their sentence that they have, or even loosing privileges such as going outside to receiving mail from friends and family. Most people who are incarcerated don’t want to be there any longer than they have to and they just want to serve out their sentence without having any problems. The more violent ones behavior is will determine how much longer their sentence will last.

If a prisoner has violent behavior all the time they are more likely to be incarcerated longer than they need to be. If the inmates had things to do, and could take classes and earn a degree or do something with their life while they are in jail it would give them hope for when they are free. I truly believe that it is all based on respect. If the inmates can learn to respect one another and respect the staff that is only doing their jobs, the prison system would have less violent behavior going on.