Civil engineers usually begin with the "dirty work" on the bottom ground before stepping up into an office to make sure projects are completed properly as a supervisor. Once you build your resume as a successful and efficient engineer, positions and salary follow. Also knew that civil engineers design and construct many various public works such as buildings, bridges, highways, and water ways. Also gained a significant amount of information about engineering from the internet.

I decided to choose engineering as my major for many reasons. First of all, am extremely innovative in subjects dealing with mathematics and problem solving.Not only do I strive in these subjects, but I enjoy them as well. Another benefit to engineering that struck my attention was the money-making aspect and the continued need of engineers throughout the world today.

I will always have a job and a decent salary at that. Furthermore, I wanted to choose a career that allows me to get up every morning With a smile on my face. Since civil engineers make a huge difference in society, I believe engineering will provide this trait. I am very motivated when my work shows and building physical trustees used everyday will be a personal success strategy for me.The engineers who helped construct Dock Campbell Stadium must feel very proud as they drive past one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of sports.

Ultimately, it gives you something to strive for. Rather than sitting in an office all day in a small cubicle, civil engineers get the best of both worlds as they work both inside and outside. Buildings like these are my shot at immortality because I know that they will remain long after my existence. It is how I want my grandchildren and generations to follow to remember me. Sees many beneficial characteristics which will allow me to succeed in the engineering field. Additional aspects of my personality that will be advantageous to my success in engineering is my extroverted self-being.

Consider myself a very engaging person and that will improve my networking in the business world. In order to earn a diploma through an engineering department, you must hold a strong work ethic and strive in mathematics and problem solving. Fortunately for me, those areas come easier to me than the average person. I am the type of person that if I set my mind to something, I can do it.

If that means sacrificing the ultimate college life, especially at Florida State, or staying in on a Friday or Saturday night to study, I will do it. The weakness that may impede me in the journey for my undergraduate diploma in civil engineering is the work load. Even with all the skills to become an engineer, it is not always easy to actually get the job done. There are plenty of incredibly smart people but cannot pass certain class because they do not stay on track with their academic priorities. As long as I keep my mind to the task at hand, I should not have anything to worry about.