" never get to college,and you'll never be able to provide for yourself.

" What if you knew the
consequences of things before they really happened? That way you wouldn't
have to find out at your own expense. Maybe parents do know what they are
talking about, but how do you know for sure until you experience it
yourself. If somehow, people could step into someone else's shoes for one
day; wise up to things that happen to many people and learn what to do
about it. Wouldn't be great to be able to look back and view life from an
experienced stand point and then go back to yours. You'd know how to deal
with things and know what to avoid.

What if you had done everything
everyone dreams of? What if you could be Cher? Perhaps she is a bit
controversial, a bit too Hollywood, but if Cher hasn't seen it, who has?
She is well educated, well traveled and experienced much more than the
average person. She has remained Cher, truly and deeply, through out the
six decades that she lived through.In the Fifties Cher grew up with Elvis and Doris Day. Hollywood was
still suitable for young children to see uncensored.

Good neighborhoods and
good schools provided the childhood atmosphere for her. As a teenager, she
was glorified for her duet with Sonny Bono. The 1906s were also years
notorious for drug using and the free spirit hippie movement. In the 1970s
people wanted more entertainment and better highs.