Imagine looking at two different apples. One is a big rounded red apple.

The other is smaller and less appealing. The first apple looks delicious, illuminating in the light. It seems to be the perfect apple to eat, due to its stunning appearance. A huge bite is taken out of the rich-looking apple; however, it lacks flavour. A bite is then taken out of the diminished apple which is filled with appetizing flavours. That is the problem in today’s world.

Every day, millions of people buy foods that only look pleasing without knowing what it can cause. Almost all supermarkets around the world sell genetically modified foods containing deadly toxins. Ever since genetically modified foods were introduced it has been nothing but negative consequences. The solution? Quite simple.

Although the physical appearance may not look pleasing, organic foods are the best way to go. The production of organic foods is necessary due to the fact that it is better for the environment, has superior taste, and will benefit people’s overall health.Organic foods benefit the environment since organic farming requires less energy, no toxic chemicals are used which means it will protect wildlife. Organic foods are grown from organic farms which are defined as only applying natural sources such as compost without human-made chemicals to produce food. According to The Rodale Institute, organic farms use 30% less energy and water because of the transportation and production of fertilizers and pesticides are unneeded. The fertilizers and pesticides used on conventional farms have caused wild animals unable to reproduce resulting in death or infection.

Greene) The fertilizers and pesticides used on conventional farms have caused wild Comment [C4]: Methods of Proof: Verifiable Facts Comment [C2]: Methods of Proof: Verifiable Facts Comment [C3]:Persuasive Techniques: Rhetorical Question Comment [C1]: Persuasive Techniques: Sensory Imagery Choi 2 animals incapable to reproduce resulting in death or infection. No pesticides will mean that no lethal runoff will invade lakes and rivers and affect wildlife. It will also mean that organic farms will be able to develop rich soil while reducing erosion so that more biodiversity will be created. “Advantages of Organic Foods”) Organic foods are very positive on the environment protecting wildlife, the waters, and the land. Considering that organic farms have richer soil; this will mean that plants will yield richer foods.

Many studies and people have proven that organic food tastes the best with its 100% natural flavour. In 2001, a study in the US examined 41 comparisons of nutrients levels in organic and regular foods and discovered that organic crops always had a higher nutrient level; 27% more vitamin C, 29% more iron, and 14% more phosphorus. (Dauncey) Pierce Cody, Executive Chairman of Macro Wholefoods Markets, also agrees.Organic food is higher in antioxidants and will trigger flavonoids things that trigger your taste buds," claims Cody. “You will experience a heightened reception of flavour". Organic foods are also much fresher since fewer preservatives are added into the food.

(Peet) It has been proven that organic foods are very nutritious full of luscious relish. However, it is not the only thing organic foods can provide when it is also better for people’s health. Since no toxins, pesticides and chemicals are added in organic food, it will be healthier. Organic foods are better for everyone; for farmers and for consumers.According to NRDC, toxic chemicals like pesticides located in conventional foods have been linked to several health issues including respiratory problems, cancer, and reproductive problems.

As mentioned before, organic foods contain more vitamins and mineral necessary for active development and durable armor against heart diseases and cancer. (“The Benefits of Organic Food”) Eliminating pesticides will not only benefit the people who eat it, but also farmers and residents living around the farms. Buying organic foods means that fewer farmers will be using chemicals to grow their farms reducing health risks. Dauncey) Pierce Cody had Comment [C12]: Methods of Proof: Verifiable Facts Comment [C10]: Methods of Proof: Verifiable Facts Comment [C11]: Persuasive Techniques: Diction Comment [C7]: Methods of Proof:Appeals to Figure of Authority Comment [C8]: Persuasive Techniques: Diction Comment [C9]: Persuasive Techniques: Diction Comment [C6]: Methods of Proof: Historical Experience Comment [C5]: Methods of Proof: Verifiable Facts Choi 3 stated organic foods have higher antioxidants such as nutrients which are used to fend of diseases and to counteract negative effects to the body. Peet) Organic foods are proven to contain more nutrients needed to grow and to reduce health risks.

Organic foods are 100% better for everyone as well as for the environment. Benefits of organic foods outweigh the benefits of non-organic foods. Despite the lack of appearance, and paying and few extra cents for organic food, it will always be better than the cost of cancer. Organic foods will always be prominent than any other type of food. Eating the correct apple is all it takes to preserve one’s life.

It does not take any wits to notice that the less appealing apple would be chosen if given another chance to choose.