Child abuse has become more prevalent in today's society.

However, there are still many abuse cases that have gone unreported. If these unreported cases were added to the ones that authorities know about, the prevalence rate would be much higher than it is. Children often do not have the courage to report to authorities that they are being abused. In most cases the abuse is reported by an adult who notices signs of abuse on the child.

The people who abuse the children are often close relatives to the family. They are people that the child's parents trusts to babysit them. This is why often times they are not suspected by the family. Children who are abused at a young age most likely grow up to be abusers.

This is not true in all cases but for most of them. In New York they had an Act established in 1973 . The act is called child protective services of 1973. The purpose of this act is to encourage people to speak up and to report child abuse .Every Child Protective Service worker has to investigate any reports they receive so they can prevent the child or children from going through the abuse again.

Child Protective Services only deals with children who are eighteen and under. They take the children away from the person or persons who are abusing them. Having this act established many children are taken out of their abusive homes and sent into the foster care system or to a close relative after they have been investigated to redeem that home safe for the child. In the foster care system there are many cases where the children end up going back to an abusive situation. The foster care system can be tricky because, their are people who just do it for that check every month and then their are people who actually want to help the children.

The Child Protective Services was established because there was no where the children could to go to so they can get away from all this. All the children had was to run away and be on their own from there on out.The study:There are many forms of child abuse but, there are four main forms that stand out the most.The ones that I will be focusing on are mental,physical,emotional, and somewhat of cultural abuse. When children go through the many forms of child abuse most begin to "act differently". Some of them begin to become depressed and want to keep to themselves.

Doing this study will show how the children who have been exposed to child abuse will react in their adult life. Although my proposal is to focus on children who have been abused in New York  , the numbers for the amount of children who have been murdered due to child abuse, in a year has gone to 53,000. According to the New York mandated reporter training in 2014 there was reported an estimated amount of 702,000 victims of abuse and neglect. That number resulted in a ratio of 9.4 to 1,000 in the population in New York. It has also been reported that younger children are more vulnerable in situations like this because, they don't know any better.

 Children are naive and believe anything anyone tells them because, they are young and most don't know right from wrong yet. In this study there will be 50 children who has been abused from the ages of two to eighteen . I will follow them as they grow , watch the decisions they make, see if they gone on the wrong path or they succeed. I will follow for approximately 5 years to see how they change or not.

The importance of this study:    Everyday there are many reports of different crimes all over New York but, the worst kind is when a child is killed by someone. All the cases of child abuse that end up in death are just heartbreaking, these are young children who can't help themselves so they think their parents would protect them. When I spoke to some children who I knew where abused they thought they were the problem. They believed it was their fault, and they blamed themselves. Children shouldn't have to deal with this, when they go through this they carry it for the rest of their lives.

It will affect them throughout their lives.     Nixzmary Brown was a seven year old girl who was abused by both stepfather and mother. Nixzmary Brown was  tortured and it was later learned that she was molested and beaten and killed by her stepfather, Cesar Rodriguez because he was in rage that began over a cup of yogurt and a broken printer that he claimed was her fault. Her stepfather thought she was a troublemaker.

On January 10, 2006, Cesar Rodriguez beat Nixzmary to death with both fists and his thick leather belt. Her mother Nixzaliz Santiago did nothing about it while the stepfather slammed the little girls head into a bathtub and drowned her with cold water. Both her stepfather and mother were charged with second-degree murder and child endangerment. Cesar was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and other charges. He was sentenced 29 years in prison.

Both of the parents blamed each other for what happened.They then found out that he had been beating her for months before this happened. This is one of the many cases where child abuse ended up in death.There are many cases where children were abused and ended up dying because of the horrible situation they were put through.

Another case that was disgusting was when a five year old little boy was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend. He was living in a homeless shelter at the time and the shelter reported the family to child abuse hotline. The death of the little boy came two weeks after that call was made. The boyfriend was 24 years old and he was charged with second-degree murder. The last piece of evidence that is going to be used to prove that child abuse is a problem is the book called " A Child Called It". The book is an autobiography by Dave Pelzer about a little boy who was starved, beaten, and tortured by his mother.

Even though he had a horrible childhood he changed his life around for the better. He uses his faith and positive attitude to survive the abuse his mother put him through. He was beaten everyday as a child , he was also very skinny due to the fact that he was constantly deprived of food. His mother would make him the slave of the family. After a while his punishments became too severe and very dangerous .

He had to wear the same clothes everyday and he ended up being the outcast of the school because, he smelled bad.He changed his life around once he was able to get out of that situation. He was able to do public speaking and he wrote his own book not letting what his mother did to him ...ruining his childhood affect his adult life.

There aren't many that are able to do something like this. Take the bad and make something good out of it. Literature review:2 children in Brooklyn die in child abuse cases, 1992     This article written by George James will be used in the paper to strongly support the argument about the growing problem of child abuse. The source is a report about three cases where children were beaten by their mothers boyfriend and the stepfather. One of the children was 5 year old Raphael Martin who died from a head injury. He was reportedly beaten by his mother's boyfriend.

He died when his mother went out for an errand and left the little boy with her boyfriend.There was another incident that occurred within the family with a one year old little girl. The boyfriend was supposedly giving the little girl a bath where she slipped and fell when he turned away to get her a towel.The caseworker didn't believe the story " "His story did not make any sense," she said."(James).

The Child Welfare Services did not pursue an investigation because, medical investigators said that the baby had a seizure. The other case was 3 year old Victoria Lespie who was constantly beaten because she had a problem with wetting herself. The mother and the stepfather were both charged. The mother was charged with manslaughter and the stepfather was charged on the second degree murder. The baby was hit face ad body she also had burn wounds all on her legs that looked like they were from past altercations.

Everytime she would wet herself the mother would get extremely frustrated and the stepfather would beat her for it. Second Article :The child abuse case that shocked NYC, 2008This article is about seven year old Nixzmary brown who was fatally beaten to death by Her stepfather.

He reportedly had the seven year old ramshackled in the back room with a cat litter box and a tub of cold water which he would dunk her in just like his father did to him when he was younger. She was bound like an animal. The stepfather admitted to restraining the little girl " by putting duct tape on her hand and tying her to a chair." The signs of abuse were noticed on the girl's neighbors who said that she had unexplained injuries such as a swollen eye and they noted that nixzmary looked like she was not being fed. The neighbors reported the case to child welfare workers twice but after speaking to stepfather, mother and the child the welfare workers concluded that there was no evidence of abuse. Brown's autopsy revealed that the cause of her death was a vicious blow to the head.

Investigators believe that the girl hit her head on a faucet before being dunked in the cold water. Conclusion:     I know friends of mine who have been through child abuse.

Some have dealt with it in a way they shouldn't have and lashed out on everybody who comes near them. Nobody will ever blame them because, it is constantly in the back of their head. I asked my friends some questions and she was a little hesitant but, opened up a lot . The questions were how do you cope with the memories (nightmares) in the back of your mind? She said I always think to myself if I succeed and the person who gave birth to me sees me succeeding , if she ever comes to me for help or something I will have that satisfaction of being able to turn her away. The rest of the questions became very personal and she began to break down. Children don't deserve this , they don't do anything .

Children are harmless, yes they are annoying but, they are harmless. This study would show the effects of child abuse. It would also show whether it could affect them in their adult life. Sometimes children aren't able to deal with it even if they get therapy .

There are so many sick people out there and nobody should have to deal with them.