Four countries in West Africa are currently in lock down over the ebola virus outbreak, and measures have been put in place to prevent it spreading to other countries.The BBC reports the outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has already infected an estimated 2,615 people with around 1,400 of those dying from the disease.There is currently no cure or vaccine for ebola but if diagnosed early, patients who are given intensive care treatment and proper hydration have a higher chance of survival.Health organizations say the best solution is to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading to more countries and now one group is hoping to achieve this with the help of Bitcoin.

The Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG) was founded by Mustapha Cole, who has been working with various individuals to secure the future of Sierra Leone.To fight the Ebola threat, Cole is asking the Bitcoin community to help his group raise funds to purchase cleaning and sanitizing materials such as chlorine and protective gear like rubber gloves, goggles and masks, plus other relief goods.In Sierra Leone, the government is placing areas where there are suspected cases of ebola under quarantine. This should help to prevent the disease spreading, but it also means people living in these areas will have to rely on rations delivered by the government so they can feed themselves.Cole wants to help his countrymen and believes Bitcoin is one of the best ways to get funding quickly.On SLLG’s Facebook page, you’ll see photos of the group’s activities such as disseminating chlorine water used for handwashing or disinfecting surfaces, and photos of health facilities that need upgrading.If you want to learn more about SLLG or you want to make your Bitcoin donation, check out the group’s official blog.BitGive Gets Charitable StatusThe BitGive Foundation has become the first bitcoin charity to be given tax-exempt status by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).The news comes just over a year after the organisation was founded, in which time it has raised funds and led campaigns donating to several public health and environmental causes."One of our first goals was to secure our 501 (c) (3) [tax-exempt] status, which enables BitGive to provide US donors a tax deduction for their donation and provides a number of legal and financial benefits to the organisation," said Connie Gallippi, executive director of BitGive.