Character Analysis: Jane Eyre Challenges & trials Jane faces at Gatewood & Lowood: While Jane was at Gatewood, she was undermined completely. The family treated Jane in a cruel manner, the aunt Jane had, Mrs. Reed treated Jane like an object. She completely shut Jane out of her life and ignored her just as she didn’t even exist.

Whatever was going on Jane was either put into the nursery and or into a corner. Left alone to her thoughts and no one to comfort her when she needed it Jane was always alone and always thinking.And she loved to read adventurous books that allowed her to escape her real life into one in the books. The son, John Reed was the cruelest out of all the children; he always abused Jane by striking her and hurting her.

Jane was always used to the abuse and just endured it due to the fact that John had instilled fear into her. But Jane reached her limit when she was locked into the red-room, she became so scared of the darkness, it was too much for her to bear. Mrs. Reed when she heard her screams locked Jane back up.Also you can read Claudia Valentine Character AnalysisWhen Jane was let out she confronted Mrs.

Reed and told her the truth about her feelings and how she wished to leave, this made Jane end up at Lowood. There she was accused to be a deceitful child, a statement made by Mrs. Reed, she was also said to be a liar. Many of the young girls there avoided her except a girl named Helen and a woman named Mrs.

Temple. They were the only ones who helped Jane get through her trails of being accused and later reprehended and put into the center of the room, like an accused prisoner.She later redeemed herself by letter of one of the workers back at Gatewood. She faced hunger, cold and harsh punishments of watching her classmates and herself on occasions at Lowood. She also lost one of her good friends sue to disease, and later her friend Mrs.

Temple left her alone as well. What we learn about Jane: Jane begins as a shy child who knows nothing but punishment. She endured her punishments in silence never complaining and choosing to let her feelings well up until she was forced to break down.She believed that she should stand up for herself but was too scared to do so.

Until she was locked in that red-room, everything changed after that. Jane stood up to Mrs. Reed and explained how she resented her and how she knew that her only aunt didn’t care for her and “wished her dead”. Then when Mr. Brocklehurst believed Mrs.

Reed when she told him that Jane was a liar and was a sinned child who needed to be reprimanded Jane seemed to well up in tears but it quickly turned into anger, she was determined to become better and prove people wrong.At the school Jane had to stop herself from standing up to others that hurt her and her new friend Helen, Helen taught her not to get too worked up over it and then Jane was calmer around her. Although Jane learned to be more confident and knew how to speak her mind when she needed to, her life experiences transformed her into a “fine lady”. Growth & change in Jane: Jane through her trials and challenges changed into a lady.

She was a quiet girl who grew into and confident ten years old when she left Gatewood.She learned at Lowood how to act appropriately, when it was right to stand up for you and when it wasn’t, through her friend Helen and Mrs. Temple. When Jane lost Helen and Mrs. Temple, she changed and become more focused one school and exceling in school, she managed to become top of her class and found her ambition through the school.

In the end she became mature, confident, self-reliant, and a good women, which was something people thought Jane could never become. Generalizations: Jane became a mature woman who only was able to now do things on her own. Whereas when she was a young 10 year-old she was scared and fearful.