The ________ is responsible for the Internet's domain name system and the allocation of IP addresses.
The main path of the Internet along which data travel the fastest is known as the Internet ________.
High-speed ________ communication lines use fiber-optics.
Individual Internet users connect to ISPs through a(n) ________.
point of presence (POP)
The main suite of protocols used on the Internet is ________.
________ uses a dedicated connection between two points with the connection remaining active for the duration of the transmission.
Circuit switching
Which of the following information is NOT contained in a packet?
The size (in bytes) of the packet
A(n) ________ address is a unique number that identifies a computer, server, or device connected to the Internet.
A(n) ________ address is a temporary IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses.
An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called a ________ address.
IPV6 was needed when IPV4 ________.
no longer had enough unique addresses
When checking to see whether a particular name is registered on the Internet, your computer accesses a database that is kept on a(n) ________ server.
An IP address in the form is called a(n) ________.
dotted quad
In, which of the following is the top-level domain?
By adding a network prefix to an IP address, supernetting or ________ lets a single IP address represent multiple unique IP addresses.
classless interdomain routing (CIDR)
Which of the following is NOT a language used in developing websites?
Which of the following was created for the transfer of hypertext documents across the Internet?
is an example of an HTML ________.
Text such as This should be bolded. is an example of an HTML ________
________ defines the content in terms of the data that is being described rather than how it is to be displayed.
________ provides a procedure by which a browser can request that a program file be run rather than just being delivered to the browser.
A(n) ________ is a small program that resides on a server and is designed to be downloaded and run on a client computer.
The ________ defines items on a web page such as graphics, tables, and headers as objects.
Which protocol is used when sending files as attachments by e-mail?
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
In public-key encryption, the two keys—one for coding and one for decoding—are known as ________.
a key pair
Which of the following is an example of an instant messenger service?
Yahoo Messenger
________ permits two or more people to communicate over the Internet in real time.
Instant messaging
Strong encryption now requires ________-bit keys.
________ is a consortium of organizations that develops web protocols and sets standards.
World Wide Web Consortium/W3C
A typical ________ is made up of one or more network switches to which ISPs connect.
Internet exchange point/IXP
________ servers are computers that enable users to buy goods and services over the web.
________ is the communications methodology where data are broken into smaller chunks to be sent over various routes at the same time.
Packet switching
SMTP stands for ________.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
________ is a method of communication in which a dedicated connection is formed between two points and the connection remains active during the transmission.
Circuit switching
In the acronym HTTPS, the S stands for ________.
The ________ IP addressing scheme uses 128-bit addressing.
IPv6 is an example of a(n) ________.
IP address, Internet Protocol address, dotted decimal number,dotted quad
.com and .edu are examples of a(n) ________.
top-level domain/TLD
When using ________ addressing, a computer is assigned a temporary address from available IP addresses.
The IPv4 protocol is beginning to be replaced by the ________ protocol.
A(n) ________ links a URL to an IP address when a web page is requested.
Domain Name System (DNS) server
When a(n) ________ address is assigned to a computer, its IP address will not change.
In, what is the second-level domain?
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and ________ are two protocols that provide data integrity and security for Internet transmission.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
CGI scripts are known as ________ programs because these programs run on a web server.
________ is the most commonly used scripting language for creating DHTML effects.
DHTML stands for ________.
Dynamic HyperText Markup Language(dhtml)
is an example of an HTML ________.
________ combines HTML, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript.
Dynamic HTML
A(n) ________ program is a computer program that runs on the client computer and requires no interaction with a web server.
A(n) ________ is a small program that resides on a server, is downloaded to the client, and runs when needed without additional data transfers between the client and server.
MIME stands for ________.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
________ is the process of encoding e-mail so that only the person with a corresponding key can decode and read the message.
When using ________-key encryption, only the message sender and recipient have the code.
In ________- key encryption, two keys, known as a key pair, are created, where one key is used for coding and the other key for decoding.
The United States government is in charge of the Internet.
FTP enables files to be downloaded or uploaded between computers.
When using packet switching, packets are always sent over the same route.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transmit e-mail messages across the Internet.
IPv6 uses six groups of 16-bit numbers.
Dynamic IP addressing is accomplished using a DHCP server.
Client-side programs run on a web server rather than on your computer.
An applet is a small application that resides on a server but is downloaded to, and run on, the client computer.
JavaScript commands are executed on a server computer.
HTML is a simple programming language.
The tag informs a browser that the text that follows the tag should be italicized.
XML technologies allow web pages to change after they have been loaded.
Java and JavaScript refer to the same language.
used for transmission of e-mail messages across the Internet
protocol that assigns dynamic IP addresses
transfers data from servers to browsers
prepares data for transmission providing for error checking and resending lost data
sends data between computers on the Internet
a dedicated connection is formed between two communicating parties
circuit switching
public-key package
exchange of control packets between computers
breaks information down into pieces that can take different paths
packet switching
allocates IP address
a unique identification number that defines each computer, service, or other device that connects to the Internet
IP address
used in a common encryption technique
key pair
a set of rules for exchanging electronic information
computer protocol
IP address for a computer does not change
static addressing
temporary IP address for a computer that is assigned from a pool of available IP addresses
dynamic addressing
unique domain within another domain
second-level domain
list of rules that define how to display HTML elements
cascading style sheet
communication between two or more people over the Internet in real time
instant messaging
section of a hard drive that stores web page information
Internet cache
used to decode an encrypted message
translates a domain name into an IP address
assigns users IP addresses for the duration of a session
enables users to purchase items over the Internet
delivers HTML documents on request
specifically deals with the SMTP communication method