Job satisfaction and employee turnover are the nucleuss of this research to analyze what motivators the fabrication organisations should concentrate in order to fulfill, maintain, and retain the value labours at present and how the direction learns an turning away of negative factors which brings about staff expiration.Traveling on to the base of beginning, Thailand 's domestic economic system has been evidently depended on two sectors, which are agricultural and non-agricultural ( manufacturing/industrial ) sectors for growing of the state. Equally far as it goes, the tendency in fabrication sector has decreased since 2008 and there are three major principles behind this critical state of affairs.

First, the economic downswing has affected many industrialised states in the Earth such as the United States, China, and India. Next, the political struggle in the state has earnestly caused fluctuation in overall Gross Domestic Products ( GDP ) . Last, a alteration in work life style of new coevals takes off labours from fabricating workplaces. ( Office of Industrial Economics 2009 )To exemplify this, the economic crisis since 2008 has influenced a figure of fabricating concerns in the whole state, many of which re-managed the organisational construction through work force redundancy in order to command the house 's outgo.

However, when the circumstance has been improved, the force of work force is in demand to increase the production procedure.What 's more, the politic status is correlated to the old ground, which leads to the trouble for companies running concern usually because of less merchandise purchases from consumers. Considerable contraction of end products has resulted in worker decrease in the houses.Last but non least, there is a demographic passage to aged society ; hence, the bing workers are about to retire and the new immature people avoid working in low work status and inconvenient environment.

This triggers a deficit of labors about more than one million workers in fabricating field presents and the continuity is still on the advancement. ( Siam Daily intelligence 2010 ; Kohpaiboon et Al. 2010 ) .Owing to above state of affairs, the figure of labour employment in fabrication sector shows the diminution in the last few old ages, referred to Figure 1-1.

In malice of first quarters picturing the highest Numberss of work force, there is a steady autumn from 2008 to 2010.Figure 1: Statisticss of Labors Employment in Manufacturing Sectors during 2008-2010Source: Adapted from National Statistical Office, 2004 ( Thailand )

Table 1: Adapted from National Statistical Office, 2004 ( Thailand )

( in 1000s )


One-fourth 1


One-fourth 3

One-fourth 4








2N/ABeginning: Adapted from National Statistical Office, 2004 ( Thailand )


As mentioned in the old subdivision, employee turnover has become a large issue that is faced by fabricating endeavors in Thailand in the last few old ages. The important ground is a rapid demographic passage to an aging society ( Bangkok Post 2010 ) ; hence, a new coevals of labor comes into topographic point with different positions towards work and life styles. This believing procedure causes less and less people to work in mills and more people are turning towards comfy workplaces such as offices and gaining a big sum of income.This displacement has forced the direction of fabricating companies to put off new human resource scheme in order to actuate new workers, including the bing 1s to experience secured when working for their organisations.Specifically, improperly motivational techniques will take manpower to a surrender from clip to clip because the enterpriser has no purpose to promote them to work in the long term.

Similarly, workers are improbable to run into the grade of occupation satisfaction despite suited motivational factors being applied, which might trip employee turnover in the close hereafter.Harmonizing to the above grounds, the direction of these organisations confronts a little figure of experient labors to bring forth an efficient production to maximise productiveness, and besides, the company may confront time-consuming issue required to develop new staff through preparation development because fledglings normally have no cognition to work good and this will ensue in more merchandise harm. Similarly, hapless public presentation caused by an absence of occupation satisfaction in labour mentality contributes to more loss due to merchandise spoilage.Therefore, the key job is what motivational factors are able to fulfill employees the most or, in bend, decreasing their desires to go forth the occupation in this critical circumstance.


The farther research has been conducted by the comparative survey of two locally fictile fabrication companies, which are Organization A and Organization B. The item of these two houses will be discussed in the following chapter. The research will place motivational variables: demand of motor, anticipation, occupation features, and societal comparing. These factors could take manpower to success or failure in run intoing the right demand of persons.

The demand of people in workplace will be finalized by their behavior ; occupation satisfaction or turnover. Therefore, the determination would be capable of steering the way of people attitudes and behavior in order to pull off employees in both organisations.


To analyze and place the motivational factors taking to occupation satisfaction and employee turnover in both organisationsTo analyze the causes of employee turnover in order to better Human Resource Management in both organisationsTo critically analyze the common relationship between occupation satisfaction and employee turnoverTo assist the design of appropriate motivational technique in chosen organisations, based on theories in relation to motive, occupation satisfaction and employee turnover


There are a figure of surveies in relation to occupation satisfaction, motive, and employee turnover ; however, the location and the country of the research are different. Thailand is the interesting and reputable state in agencies of low cost of labors and a assortment of natural resources such as agricultural harvests.Furthermore, a growing of industrial sector progressively attracts investors and international purchasers because of the premium quality and sensible monetary value. Hence, a bulk of fabrication merchandises will be associated with exports, which support many fabrication companies to derive net income and construct up GDP of the whole state.

Recently, fabricating field has been impacted by the labour deficit so that the advancement of company productiveness has been barred.Although the solution involves in several institutes such as authorities, organisations and people to join forces one another, the necessary undertaking is still belonged to the enterprisers to be responsible for seeking motivational techniques. Harmonizing to this, the research will concentrate on this important sector, stipulating two locally fictile fabrication companies the research worker has known closely to analyze and analyze following the survey model.


Job satisfaction consists of several of import causes in both companies.Employee turnover consists of several of import causes in both companies.

Job satisfaction is negatively correlated to employee turnoverThere is an being of several motivational factors taking to occupation satisfaction and employee turnover


First, carry oning research in the countries of occupation satisfaction and employee turnover focuses on the internal information of the chosen organisations, which might be relevant to personal sentiments of each staff and enterpriser, and the process of human resource direction in the companies ; accordingly, the existent name of these two organisations will non be disclosed, as any negative issues may impact their repute.In add-on, linguistic communication trouble is one of the of import factors that may blockade data-collection method in obtaining the best responses from labor because the bulk of workers who work in fabricating companies reside in lower category of the societal position with low degree of instruction or no instruction.Last, due to the theoretical base of this survey, the workers may hold to give an reply purely within limited variables in the context of occupation satisfaction, turnover and motive. As a effect, the feedback from participants ' responses may non be realistic from the fact. Besides, the recommendation will be relied on related theories, which finally may be impractical in the existent state of affairs for both organisations.


Organization A

The plastic fabrication company has been operated for over nine old ages by a group of enterprisers.

The country of the concern directs to a assortment of family merchandises made of plastic. There are about 100 employees excepting the direction group of its concern. With the uninterrupted growing, the house has been expanded from one to three buildings. So far, the organisation has been located in three different countries: the chief office in the capital metropolis, the mill shop in the outskirts, and the production country in another state.

( Company booklet )Basically, three different locations have been administered by three major directions. Each is charged by two managers in the country of production, shop, and sale office, referred to Figure 1. At first, when client 's order comes, the working procedure begins at production topographic point. Once completing the whole procedure including piecing, packaging and checking, the merchandise will be delivered to a company shop in a metropolis because it is located nearby several bringing bureaus so that the bureau will direct the goods to clients wherever they are in the state. Occasionally, merchandises will be delivered to the sale office to add up more stocks due to deficient merchandises when clients come to buy.

( Company booklet )Figure 1: Working Procedure in Organization AProductionTwo managersShopTwo managersSale OfficeTwo managersBeginning: Research workerTraveling to the job of the company, it has been occurred in two locations outside the chief metropolis because there are a deficit of labors and high rate of turnover to put to death an efficient production. Being worse, the whole production affects the overall working procedure such as bring forthing, piecing, packaging, or presenting. Labours normally come and go without anterior notice. Because of this, some working procedures have been disrupted from clip to clip and go the chief obstruction for the direction, particularly when clients order a big measure of merchandises and bespeak the company to present the goods in short clip.Recently, the enterprisers have attempted a HR scheme to force up their public presentation if the state of affairs is still in crisis. For illustration, high public presentation will acquire higher wage plus pecuniary wages, sometimes intrinsic 1s.

However, the trouble lies in the fact that lesser figure of workers has to be responsible for more assigned undertakings. That is, multi-tasking is required from workers. This causes more loads and force per unit area to each worker to manage in a daily footing, including the concern of any error to be incurred. Even though new HR scheme has been used to promote employees, they might non set up with such emphasis in long term. Therefore, the direction desires an add-on of new labors and a scheme to actuate them in the long tally.

Organization B

The new plastic fabrication company commenced its concern since 2008. Family containers are the chief merchandise part of the endeavor. There are about 140 employees excepting the groups of direction. Harmonizing to its junior concern, the house has been owned and set up merely one location to run the whole production procedure and sell the merchandises ( Company booklet )There are several sections in the house, which are similar to Organization A.

The organisational construction is in level form ; as a effect ; the major enterprisers and workers are able to work closely with efficiency and effectivity. Though many sections have been controlled, the concern proprietors normally help each other to acquire through the job. Besides, pass oning with workers is the manner to confer with and inform them about what took topographic point in the company.However, the job occurred in this organisation is similar to the old one ; labour lack in every working procedure in the mill, including trading the goods. Besides, employee turnover is rather high because most of new workers normally come to seek new experience in new topographic points.

If they dislike the regulations, processs or colleagues, they prefer go forthing than go oning to work.In general, one criterion policy of fabrication concern is to hold sufficient stocks in the shop and this phase will non be achieved if less staff members are managing it. In instance of the demand of market portions, the direction on occasion accepts several orders from clients at the same clip, which give serious load to the bing workers. Besides, there is no motive from the employers to promote new labors, except minimal pay.

Lone workers who have worked for the company for a long clip will be made an addition in wage as a wages. In the average clip, employee turnover brings about the passage from experienced to inexperient people, which brings about more loss of merchandise spoilage.From the above state of affairss, it troubles the enterprisers to seek for human resource solution in order to keep the better and equal workers for company efficiency and effectivity in production and operation.